WEEK 5 Watch the video from Karl McDonnell

WEEK 5 Watch the video from Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer University, titled “What behaviors do you look for when building your teams?” Discuss what you believe are the most critical things to consider when forming a team. Describe how this may or may not be different from what you thought prior to your readings and watching this video. Give an example of a time when you were on a team that was either well-formed or poorly-formed and give two to three (2-3) reasons as to why you feel this way

When forming a team it is vital to be keen but sensitive. Work has to be clearly defined to the work group and correspond to the needs of the company. Without clear direction the team may fail to be successful. Before reading this chapter and watching the video I was aware of the critical things involved with selecting a successful team because I work with a teammate daily. My team has performed consistently well and met set goals each fiscal year. We are very well organized and have full knowledge of our job functions. A well-organized work group increases the productivity of the team and also build team momentum.

COMMENT: If a team fails to have a clear understanding and direction from the team leader, then it may be a hard venture to handle. A poorly formed team lacks focus and vision. Choosing the correct team is important and to be successful the team will need to understand and articulate the goals, structure and mission of the task. The work group needs to have technical expertise, excellent interpersonal skills, and be subject matter experts to work as a team. Well understood objectives and vision by the team members will lead to success.