Week 7 Assignment 4- Email Revisions

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Week 7 Assignment 4: Email Revisions

Effective Communication Skills (Com101)



From: Susan

Date: 05-Oct-19

Subject: Assignment Grade

Good Afternoon Prof. Isaacs,

I would like to discuss with you my concerns on the current grade that I recently received from our last assignment. Upon submission of my paper, I felt confident that the research I had documented would meet the criteria you were looking for. However, based upon the grade I received back for this current assignment, it seems as though I may have missed a few key factors that played a part in my receiving of a lower grade. Ultimately, my goal is to maintain a passing grade for your course. Could you please explain in further details as to why I have received this grade and if there were any parts that I may have possibly missed or left out? Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you.




From: Don

Date: 05-Oct-19

Subject: Current Course Grade for Semester

Hello Prof. Brandy,

I am contacting you regarding my current grade for your class. I realize that some of my homework assignments may be missing or late and I also have received a low score on these. As well, I have a few low scores on some past tests. I am concerned that I may not pass your course. Would there be any way possible on how I could improve my current grade? Would you be able to provide any extra credit work? For any of the assignments that are missing, would I be able to make up any of those and receive a partial credit? Any help in raising my current grade would be greatly appreciated.



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