WeLoveVideo Inc Change Management Plan

WeLoveVideo, Inc Change Management Plan





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WeLoveVideo, Inc Change Management Plan

Companies and organizations time and again go through changes that affect most of the operations. Most of these changes are to increase efficiency, improve revenue, adopt and new technology or just adapt to the changing times. For these reasons, companies find it fit to have a change management plan. For companies that have implemented their respective change management plans effectively, they have seen growth and improvements in areas that were targeted (Sommerville, 2011). It is so imperative that companies strictly follow the change management plans so they can get these results.

WeLoveVideo, Inc being a company that intends to adopt new software to increase their service delivery efficiency and better serve customers and potentially acquire newer ones. This will increase revenue in the long run. A change management plan will enable them reach these goal among other that the company sees fit for them. Once the implementation is done according to recommendations, WeLoveVideo, Inc can then fully analyze to see the improvements and gains that they have achieved. The gains are from the user experience, customer support, marketing, revenue stream boost and reduction of customer complaints (Polkowski, 2013). This is all in line with the managerial expectations of the company.

Positive User Experience

The new system designed will undauntedly provide users with a better user experience. This is because the users can easily and seamlessly be in touch with the customer support right from the WeLoveVideo, Inc customer support. Marketing department will also be in a position to tell what contents users are viewing more and be in a position curtain the user feeds with relevant videos. This will keeps the users entertained for long. Users will not need to look for videos since the algorithm used will tell what sort of video categories the user is interested in (Rozanski & Woods, 2011). This goes a great length in improving the user experience.

Discovery of content among the millions of content that will be on WeLoveVideo, Inc will be made much easier. An algorithm that analyses past video purchases and views will be used to predict what the user might want to watch. Such a system will improve the user’s experience and thus creating a positive user experience.

Building a platform that focuses on the user and the changing needs and trends in the video industry puts the users at a better position in reaping in the benefits modern content has to offer. Newer videos will easily be available for the user to consume. WeLoveVideo, Inc video portal will be the destination for trending videos and movies. Providing videos on demand to the user at the time they need will surely provide a positive user experience.

Communicating Changes to the Users

Complete over owl of the system normally affect the users by a great margin. If not effectively communicate, the company might end up losing customers. The company should then communicate to the users early on time before the changes are put into effect Benefits of the newer system should be communicated to the users so that can know what to anticipate. This will initially make users excited about it and when it is put into effect, they are more likely to explore further and discover the new features on their own (Sommerville, 2011).

To ease the migration to the new platform, a video of how the new system works will be created so that the users are taught on how to use it. Use of social media pages to provide a guideline on how it works will be put into use. As soon as the new system is put into place, a helpful page that has simplified materials on how the system will be used will be put so that new users or users who might not have read or watched the materials before the new site takes effect will have an opportunity to go through the materials before they use it. A splash screen for new users on helpful tips will go a long way.

Shaping the communication to ensure a positive outlook

The communication to users will be informative and training the users to users how the system be used. The materials used will be educative in nature. This will treat the users as people who have never used it and this will make the trainers (Polkowski, 2013).

Having an insider program when users can join so they can try the new system before it rolled out to the public will go a long way in providing feedback to system development. This has proven effective for various projects that involve a total over howl.

Users will finally be communicated officially of the newer system and how they can use. It makes them aware early on time and thus providing effective transitioning.

Collateral developed in support of the new system

Frequently asked questions and how to videos and materials will be developed by a team of collaboration with the customer care and system developers. This will ensure customers get the best answers to their questions. Community forums where users can share ideas and provide suggestion and also where systems administrators can go through with members of the forum in a bid to boost user knowledge of the system will be developed and used (Sommerville, 2011).

Videos will be developed by the users and available to the general users and guidance and support. It is a trend that nowadays people prefer to use videos that reading through text. Such videos will be conveniently placed in the faq section and the getting started page.

Support to users after implementation.

The main support available to users will be the contact us page and the faq pages. Users will also be free to email customer representatives whenever they have questions. Social media will also be used to communicate and answer user’s questions (Polkowski, 2013). In the recent years, social media has proven to be an effective communication tool since very many people are increasingly using social media. Presence on various platforms like Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Instagram will boost user support and information whenever the company wants to communicate something to it’s users. For broadcasting messages, the company can send email messages to all users who have created an account. This is for crucial information that the company needs to get to its users. For those who have consented to receive newsletters, they will be receiving monthly news and more information that could guide their video viewing experience.


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