When I grow up

When I grow up





It is of great importance to have a well-designed pyramid to direct you on how you should do when growing up. The pyramid of success helps an individual to focus on his/her own objectives and goals of life. Success is not all about how powerful you have become but it is all about having a peace of mind in your life. The peace of mind is gained after combining all your efforts and has great achievement which is satisfactory in life. Success is simply working hard towards achieving your goal which is to become the best person in your efforts. Any individual should learn how to treat others around him/her to boost them attain their goal (Mc Gee, 2010).

When I grow up I want to become a veterinarian officer. In my success pyramid I have located the levels of education which I will undertake to have my success. I will focus much on my science subjects and work hard to gain more education on these special subjects. There is need of proper research in my education and interact with those with experience. To be a successful officer I must get license by working with variety of equines to gain experience in this field. In order to become certified I must work in a place where there is supervision so that I can receive a supervised training in my specialization. After this supervision and getting certified I can now join professional work station (Prahalad, 2006).

In conclusion, the pyramid of success is very an effective to one’s life as it acts as a director to the any activity. A success pyramid helps an individual to cope with challenges as he/she is determined to attain the set goals and become the best he/she is capable of. In addition, success pyramid held in setting important fundamental which acts as a guide to every activity you undertake (Mc Gee, 2010). I use my success pyramid to spot any weakness in my activities which help me to correct and use the weakness for my success.


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