Why Can’t We Just Get Along

Week 7 Discussion for World Religions – REL212

“Why Can’t We Just Get Along?” Please respond to the following:

•Explain at least three reasons why there are so many divisions / denominations in the Christian religion.

•Explain what is meant by the term “synoptic gospels”, and discuss why this term is important for Christians when reading the Bible.

During Jesus’ ministry, he prayed that his future followers would exhibit a special kind of unity that would be a testimony to the world. So what happened? Rather than unity, harmony, and cooperation, Christians are often known for their squabbles and divisions. Even when they appear to get along, they divide up into hundreds of different groups, churches, and denominations. Denominations are made up of churches and churches are made of people; and sometimes people just don’t get along. After all, just because people are Christians doesn’t mean they always agree. Moreover, Christians still struggle with pride, selfishness, and stubbornness, and this means they sometimes respond to relational conflict poorly. This has often led to debates and divisions within churches and denominations, which in turn leads to the creation of new churches and denominations. It’s an unfortunate situation, but a reality given human nature. Maybe this is why Jesus focused so much on unconditional love and forgiveness as an expression of the kind of people he wants us to be.

Three reasons why there are so many divisions or denominations in the Christian religion are Christian’s debate over baptism, what does baptism mean and who should get baptized? Another reason is the debate over salvation, once saved always saved or is salvation gained by faith of given by the grace of GOD. Lastly some believe in speaking in tongues and some Christians do not, which was derived from the day of Pentecost, when the disciples where filled with a gift from GOD called the Holy Spirit and they spoke in different languages.

The word synoptic is defined as taking a common view, the three Gospels that take a common view of Christ’s life are Matthew, Mark and Luke. This is what is meant by the term synoptic gospels. Each writer illustrates a special look into the life and teachings of Christ in a different way. The term synoptic gospel is important for Christians when reading the Bible because through His Holy Spirit, inspired the Bible to be written through human instruments. The Bible is God’s instruction book to humanity in answering why human beings exist and giving us hope for the future. It provides us with what only God can do for us and what we have as a personal responsibility to do with His help through the Holy Spirit.

The synoptic Gospels provide humanity with a view of our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. It is through Him that we have access to God the Father and the path to fulfilling our purpose in life. The synoptic Gospels are three books that provide valuable lessons and guides for us in our daily lives and in the way that leads to eternal life in God’s family.



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