Why Electoral College Should Be Upheld

Why Electoral College Should Be Upheld

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Why Electoral College Should Be Upheld

In the United States, a president is not elected on the basis of the majority votes across the country rather an through an electoral college process. A candidate who gets the most number of votes may not necessarily be the president. Votes cast by citizens go to representative electors who will then vote separately to determine the president. The process was formed to bring about fairness in the voting system. The founders believed that the normal popular vote was too reckless in that the highly populated areas who have known the presidential candidate well would give much voting power. I also think that fairness in voting is super important. I support electoral college process.

Electoral college process protects the interests of the minority. As stated earlier, the normal voting process concentrates power on the highly populated areas. Whereas in the rural less populated areas, people may want to vote for a certain person but due to less numbers and minimal information of the candidates, they may not be able to have their votes represented to their satisfaction. Electoral college has taken care of this by establishing a form of fairness across all voting areas.

The process also gives the candidate campaign focus during. Most candidates have a tendency to concentrate their campaigns in the highly populated areas. This is because they know that once they convince the majority of individuals, they will get the majority of votes. With the Electoral College, every person who votes matters, therefore, compelling the candidates to organize themselves to reach out to the less populated areas. They know how the states can affect their election. They organize themselves with the time they need for campaigning.

In many ways, electoral process has taken care of election frauds. The normal voting processes has witnessed stealing of votes. This has in some cases led to recounting and lack of trust and togetherness between the candidates and the voters. Electoral frauds have sometimes led to unrests which have been witnessed to affect the economy. Though a little complicated, the process do prevent this from happening. A normal voting process goes to the electors who then elect the president.

Despite the advantages of electoral process, people still feel that their votes do not count. This is because the many votes may go one way but the electoral electors may vote otherwise. A minority leader may end up being elected. Even though this sounds true, a candidate may earn many votes from the large populations because that is where they are known but they may not necessarily be the interest of the least represented.

Another disadvantage is that the candidate with the most votes across does not always win. However, we know that the candidates with most votes do not necessarily mean that they are loved by many. They may have convinced the highly populated areas and carried everyone else into voting them in. The minority interests may not have been heard in this case. It could also mean some electoral injustices may have declared them winners.

Electoral process takes time and is a bit complicated. This, however, should not be an issue since the final results will be fair and free of fraud. It will have brought a whole nation representation, made candidates organized and wise in their campaigns and gives smaller states a voice in voting process.

In conclusion, Electoral College has powerful voting implication and therefore it should be upheld. Electoral frauds, which Electoral College has prevented, have resulted in political instabilities which results in adverse economic effects. It is a good feeling for the minority to be heard and for the whole nation to be given equal representation during the voting process.

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