Willow Lakes Senior Living Community Strategic Plan

Willow Lakes Senior Living Community Strategic Plan

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This paper will provide information on the strategic plan for the Willow Lakes Senior Retirement Community and the plan can be accomplished. It will address the strengths and weaknesses of the internal part of the plan and also the external part, opportunities and threats. This plan will also show how those tie in with the mission and vision of the organization.

Willow Lakes Senior Living Community Strategic Plan

In all organizations the only way to keep the organization ahead and compliant is to develop a strategic plan for the organization. Willow Lakes Senior Living Community is no different.

To develop a strategic plan it is important to keep the mission and vision in the thought process and what it is that stands out and represents the organization above the others. It is also important to develop that plan from the SWOT for success. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are directed to find those that internally affect the organization while the opportunities and threats that are external to the organization (Editorial Board [EB], Chp. 3, 2010). Defining what the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are is easy but being able to put them into words and plan around them is quite a different story. Unfortunately, not only do expectations of patients change but the insurance providers, physicians and actual needs of the patients or customers are constantly changing as well (El N, 2013).

The internal strengths for Willow Lakes is providing experienced health care providers, planned activities for the community, independent review committees to review the processes of the facility, a functional executive board that would include members of the community and members of families whose elderly resides there. Another important strength is to include development of staff and an opportunity for a better work life.

Weaknesses are the cash flow issues, processes and system processes for the organization, timelines for starting the company from scratch. Medical equipment purchases and upkeep and allowing enough time to establish a reputation of a positive manner.

In order to measure the outcomes, it is important to use an analysis of where the organization is at the time of start versus where it currently stands with regards to those internal factors. An analysis would include where the organization started financially and its growth or loss on a quarterly basis. It would also include how many customers sought out the Willow Lake Senior Living Community for a loved one and what had they expected when they arrived.

Identifying service problems would be established through a quarterly evaluation system that would give an insight to how the patients were treated; the care that they received if appropriate or not appropriated, what can be done to assist in bettering the organization. These evaluations would come from not only patients who had been provided services during that time but also with patients who were admitted or discharged during that time and those who are still there.

Evaluations for just patients would be established for identifying any service problems that arouse during their care. These evaluations would be taken on a quarterly basis for continued care patients and an evaluation at the end of the stay. It would include input from the patient and their family. Once those were completed and returned, monthly meetings with management and the providers of the service would be held to see were deficiencies were and to plan what the goal is to elevate the problem.

Performance gaps will be identified on a quarterly basis as well. Reports from physicians that work with nurses, managers, and other healthcare providers will be given. Once the reports and feedback from physicians are given, peers would also have the opportunity to contribute as well. If an employee was inefficient in a certain area, there would be a plan for training in that area to bring the employee up to a better performance level. This would include patient sensitivity training as well as any training needed in skills.

For external planning, marketing meetings on a monthly basis, community changes surveys and executive committee meetings will be held to determine where deficiencies lie. It is important to involve the community in which the organization is located.

This strategic plan ties into the vision statement as the statement Willow Lakes envisions peaceful communities were our seniors are ourpriority and were quality in care giving is the responsibility of our employeeswithin our community. Willow Lakes employees will strive for excellence in all they say and do so that our community may flourish and provide an excellenthome for our senior family now and in the future. In addition the strategic plan includes our mission statement of providing a nurturing, safe and respectful environment where seniorresidents who reside within our community have an opportunity to enjoy their lives tothe fullest. We will offer the opportunity to learn, explore and do within the guidance and fostering of caregivers on a 24/7 basis. Willow Lakes are committed to a highquality of care for our residents and their loved ones but we also offer these serviceswith the reminder of the value of funding by accepting contributions, philanthropicsupport and sponsorship from organizations within the surrounding communities andcities.

Willow Lakes Senior Living Community can be successful with the vision of the leaders in charge, the cooperation and understanding from the community and dedication of the employees and organization as a whole. It will be the one of the most outstanding facilities in the area.

Assessment of Willow Lakes Senior Resource Community
Experienced healthcare providersCash flow startup funding
Opportunity for independenceProcesses and system processes
Activities for the elderAccreditations
On site physician care 24/7Timeline in building from scratch
Executive chef on siteReputation – length of positive comments
Weekend get awayLack of competitiveness – what makes us better
Independent review committeesSupply costs and continuity
Community members on executive boardHours for employees
Acceptance of philanthropic donationsTraining classes – cost and availability
Learning lab for mental healthEmergency planning expense
Community kitchenMedical equipment maintenance
Council and guidance from familiesSize of facility – small and/or large
Family involvement in careReliable computer system/billing
Develop community involvement opportunitiesEconomical downfall
Analysis of competitors vulnerabilitiesCompetition in the same area
Technology developmentCertification unobtainable
Always an elderly marketPolitical effects
Partnerships with physicians, etc.IT Developments
Marketing opportunitiesMarket demand
Open to stockholders and investorsLoss of staff
Contracts with Insurance providersVital contracts with insurance companies
Support from community with fundsSubstantial financial backing
 Service ideas
 Computer services


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