WMBA 6030 Week 5 Assignment Business Memo-Organizational Structures and Processes -Netflix

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Week 5 Assignment: Business Memo-Organizational Structures and Processes – Netflix

WMBA 6030



Date: Dec.2,2019

Subject: Organizational Structures and Processes – Netflix

Dr. VanTalia,

This memo is written to show you how information systems can be used to facilitate important decisions regarding organizational structure development. In this paper, we will identify and value effectively, different ways of applying information technology in improving business and making vital decisions during the formation of organization structure. The process of organizational structure is a process that requires continuous improvement, innovation, and challenges. Therefore, it is an infinite project that finds information system to be extremely useful in overcoming the challenges.

Importance of Information System and Organizational Structure

When dealing with organizational structure, information system is one of the most vital tools to be used. This is because information system structures are flexible enough to help you manage the staff of the organization as well as preserving organizational goals. Information data system will help in managing organization data and giving effective outcomes by keeping track of relevant records, including rules and regulations and enabling queries. Information system has the potential of detecting the need for updates, modifications and changes necessary to enhance online business (Jones, 2010). The business or organizational authorities will not be able to achieve the goals of the business or organization without a functional information system. With the advancement in science and technology in the ever-changing business world, it becomes very crucial for an organization like Netflix to effectively organize its staff and employees. Therefore, the application of information technology will help every organization, like Netflix to create a blueprint of its company and to analyze whether or not – this organization can result into effective operation in achieving the goals of the organization.


For a company like Netflix, it helps the authorities of the company to make logical and psychological decisions when restructuring the organization. The required details of the company’s employees will be easier to access and understand using the information technology system. This will assist in key decision making such as understanding areas where each staff becomes more efficient and their attitude towards productivity. Having this type of information will assist the key stakeholders in assigning suitable employee for suitable role or position, thereby making the restructuring process easy and effective. Sometimes, the idea of having an autonomous team is usually misleading in organizational structure. However, even if present, it should be made answerable to the management while relying on the management for the provision of resources and some decision making.

One of the best models to cultivate to make sure that teams keep on developing is to adopt the process of information system in recording their work outputs, talents, efficiency, and productivity. While also monitoring the progress of each individual in the organization structure. This is the best way of evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of every employee. The management should make use of Information system to encourage their employees progress and

assisting them in nurturing greater independence. Sometimes along the line, the excitement of establishing an organization structure might begin to fade. At this point, accepting a level of performance that is short of maximum productivity becomes easy due to laxity. The use of information system will to checkmate this weakness (Sisney, 2013).


In conclusion, the role information technology system plays in decision making of various organization structures in the streaming business cannot be under-estimated. It has the ability to effectively manage productivity and improve key decision makings. Although restructuring workforce into teams is not an easy task, the application of information system technology will provide the best way of developing competitiveness. This will definitely improve the organizational structure of every company, improve its efficiency and productivity.


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