WMBA 6030 WMBA 5030 week 2 Assignment

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The term “Netflix and Chill has been a term shared across the world. It’s a popular term that is known across the world. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming apps and one that has set the blueprint for future streaming services. I picked this company because Netflix has set up my entire online existence. It’s the reason why I don’t feel a need to go out as much. It’s the reason why I don’t check out the movies because I don’t feel I need to. I think Netflix has changed how we look at technology and the actual purchase of it.

Gathering Resources

Credible and Current Resource One (Source/Article/Book Title). This article highlights how technology is changing how we use our software. This is important because Netflix is changing the game of software,movie watching and how we think of purchasing information. This article will give insights into what trends companies will use going forward. Ahsan, S. (2019, October 23)

Credible and Current Resource Two (Source/Article/Book Title). This article summarized what makes Netflix the “IT” company with its employees. It explains how Netflix became great by not using good technology but hiring good staff. It talks about a few of the out of the box concepts that can help all companies. Andriole, S. J. (2012).

Credible and Current Resource Three (Source/Article/Book Title). This article talks about how Netflix has been the head of the video streaming trend for years. It explains how and why so many companies try to duplicate but not quit imitate Netflix. McCord, P., & Charan, R. (2019, January 10).

Credible and Current Resource Four (Source/Article/Book Title). This article talks about what it’s taken Netflix to go from no one to someone in the entertainment world. This will discuss the actual formula for what it took for them to make it. How Netflix Became a $100 Billion Company in 20 Years. (2018, April 30)

Credible and Current Resource Five (Source/Article/Book Title). This article talks about how Netflix is shifting the film industry. It talks about how Netflix will make our viewing habits for the future. Morgan, B. (2019, June 26).

Potential Issues

Netflix has a litany of problems to fix to keep it moving forward in this new decade. One point Netflix is having an issue with is competing against other streaming services. It was once the only fish in the pond and now that has changed. Netflix isn’t thinking ahead in the future trends as they are losing market share. Netflix is also having an issue with allowing multiple people to use one membership. Multiple people using one memberships keeps money out of Netflix’s pocket that could be used to bring more shows.


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