Women and Students of Color

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Women and Students of Color

Recent societal movements have focused on issues faced by women and people of color (i.e., Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March). How do recent movements such as those mentioned impact the learning experiences of women and students of color in the 21st century? Be sure to use information from your text and scholarly research to support your response.

For women of color and students of color it gives us a voice to be heard. Honestly, our opinions count, our demands count, we demand not to be marginalized, oppressed, dismissed, or profiled against. It teaches students of color to demand more from their politicans, television programs, and organizations to equally represent people of color. The societal movements front-runners are women and young black students who give shape to the impact this social justice campaign has on our society. A major lesson for women and students of color decades later are people of color are stil fighting for their basic human rights and equal representation in media and in society as a whole. My hope is that one day black people will be liberated so America can become truly equal.

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