Workplace Violence Paper

Workplace Violence Paper

Heidi Locke


August 7, 2017

Workplace Violence Paper

I chose to write about a workplace violence that occurred in an Oklahoma food plant called Vaughan foods located in a town called Moore. The man was Alton Nolan 30, he was called into the Human Resources office and was fired from his job there. From what reports say that he then drove home and got some sort of a large knife and went back to the plant where he made his attacks. Once he arrived back at the facility he proceeded into the front where beheaded a woman in that office, then proceeded into the rest of the building where he attacked another woman that he was stabbing with a knife he used to cut vegetables at his job with, when he was shot by another employee at the company.

Coworkers described him as “weird” and “a bit off”, they also say he was trying to get some of the workers there at the plant to convert to Islam. Alton had just recently converted to Islam. He was a troubled man and had previous arrests for drugs, evading the police, driving on a suspended license and had a manhunt for him. “According to the Oklahoma State Courts Network, Nolen has arrested for marijuana possession in 2009, assault and battery on a police officer in 2010, a traffic violation in 2006, driving with a suspended license in 2009, and cocaine with intent to distribute in 2006. He was last released from jail in March 2013, according to Oklahoma records. (Farrell, P. 2014) Officials in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections said that he was released on good behavior that there had not been any misconduct from him, and he had completed a class that was needed to pass for him to be released back to the public.

The first woman he attacked was Collen Hufford 54 years old, she had been working at the plant for about five years. He then proceeded to the next victim which was Traci Johnson. Traci Johnson is the person that had made a complaint to HR that Mr. Nolen was saying he does not like white people. Mr. Nolen then attempted to behead her. That is when the off duty officer of Oklahoma reserve sheriff that is employed by the Vaughn foods. Traci Johnson suffered a big cut to her face and slash on her neck as Alton Nolen had full intentions of beheading her also. Both the victim Traci Johnson and Alton Nolen were taken to the hospital where they both had to undergo surgery and they both survived.

Mr. Nolen was taken back into custody once he was able to leave the hospital. He now faces charges of first degree murder and assault where he will possibly get the death penalty. When he appeared in court he plead guilty to the charges and requested that he be given the death penalty. In the most recent events in the courtroom he caused a disturbance and was removed. The judge that took this case said that he will not accept the plea and that he needs to stand trial.


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