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Coffee Shop Business




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Coffee Shop Business

The coffee shop market is a perfect opportunity for a young person because the cost of starting, entry and exit is relatively low and demand for coffee is always on the rise. A coffee shop caries many products ranging from hot and cold signature drinks to cookies, muffins and light meals. There are also some services provided by a coffee shop besides food and drinks such a chance and place to catch up with family and friends. As Oldenburg (1999) put it coffee shops have ability to enhance people’s lives. Some coffee shops also help coffee lovers and junkies to have their coffee machines fixed at an affordable cost.

However, just like any other business getting initial capital is the greatest challenge. The reasons for this are many; Unwillingness or reluctance of banks to provide financial support (Berger and Udell, 2004) while other banks demand for collateral before giving loans.

Entrepreneurs interested in starting a coffee shop must consider the inputs needed to successfully run this enterprise. Equipment such as Panini grills, steamers, coffee machines and microwaves will be needed. A nice facility will also be required. A suitable one should be spacious, potential for outdoor sitting and easily accessible. The design will be done on the coffee shop facility both within and outside to give our customers a real taste and feeling of ambience away from home. Employees form a great part of any business because it is them who can turn dream to reality. Part of the process of selecting employees for the coffee shop will involve determining among the potential candidates, their suitability, their education, their experience, skills and ability to perform according to job specifications (Kaynak, 2002). Because it is important to pick those candidates that can add value to your company.

The process of running the business will be done by a number of different set of people doing different things but all geared towards achieving the goals of the coffee shop. There will be supervisors in charge of every department to ensure that quality standards are adhered to by every employee. We also intend to use lean technique in our business operations that is geared at identifying who the real customer is and eliminating waste at every level and department of the business (Womack & Jones, 1996)

Being a coffee shop our main product will be coffee and there will be an abundance of choice. Finely roasted and brewed coffee types such as cappuccino and Americano. We also intend to make sure that we create an environment where people can have fun and a great time for customers who might just want to relax as they grab a meal. We intend to do all these by ensuring highest quality standard is adhered to by our staff but at the lowest cost possible.

We intend to identify and satisfy the demands of our customers to the best of our ability and this we will do by creating a nice environment and serving the best coffee you can find anywhere. We also intend to have comfortable seats that can enhance the great experience of our customers. According to Robson (1999) successful coffee shops have comfortable seats. Customer feedback will have a special place in our business and that’s how I think my experience in customer relations and social media skills will come in handy. We will develop a social media platform that will enable us to gauge the feelings and needs of clients and work on meeting them.

Unlike Java place and Coffee bar, some of our potential rivals in the coffee shop business we intend to roast our own coffee to keep it fresh and tantalizing. We recognize that our customers love fresh coffee. We also intend to have free wifi for our customers this will go a long way to revolutionize services offered by coffee shops. None of our rivals is offering this innovative services to their customers and that is the edge that we hope to have over them. Finally, having done everything that needs to be done we hope that to have one of the most exciting and profitable coffee shops.


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