CIS 500

Wireless and Mobile Technologies

Wireless and Mobile Technologies Strayer College Info-System and Decision Making CIS 500 Wireless and Mobile Technologies Define Wireless and Mobile technologies Wireless Technologies is the association of wireless networking, wireless telecommunication and a wide range of wireless devices. The concept began in 1880 and has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry which continues to dominate in …

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Cyber Security in Business

Cyber Security in Business Strayer College Info-System and Decision Making CIS 500 Cyber Security in Business Challenges Protecting Assets and Information: Over the years, the development of the traditional business style has evolved into a framework, influenced by globalization, internationalization and technological advanced based businesses. With change comes internal and external risks that threaten the …

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Information Technology Strategic Plan

Information Technology Strategic Plan Strayer College Information System and Decision Making CIS 500 Information Technology Strategic Plan Introductory Statement At Movies on the GO!!! Business is a mobile application which allows viewing of current and favorite movies and television shows to all mobile device platforms. Like our competition, we will stream favorite titles on a …

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Status Report

Status Report Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: MEMORANDUM TO: The CEO FROM: DATE: 25/02/18 SUBJECT: Status Report Best Regards; The aim of this week was to bring up the website to aid in the company advertisements, businesses and follow up of important supplies and deliveries. Mainly it was to allow for optimization of the business …

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