PAD 505

Policy Brief

Policy Brief Strayer University PAD 505: Public Budgeting and Finance The Department of Education Summarize the mission and budget of the department you selected. The mission of The U.S Department of Education is to promote students achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. The U.S Department of Education […]

PAD 505 Week 7 Discussion 2

Week 7 Discussion 2 4 5   From the e-Activity, provide three justifications for an increase to the four highest discretionary spending accounts.   Justification 1: Mandatory Spending eats up most of the budget. For example, Mandatory spending is the benefits provided by Social Security, Medicare and other programs established by prior Acts of Congress. It consumer nearly two-thirds of total spending.

PAD 505 Week 8 Discussion 1 Allocation and Allotments

Week 8 Discussion 1 5 Allocation and Allotments The state’s budget allocation for education and property tax to the various localities to which the allocation for education can be termed as school money was brought about by the projects by the collaboration between an education team and some reporters who were researching on how the

PAD 505 Week 8 Discussion 2 Variance analysis

Week 8 Discussion 2 4 5 Variance analysis Variance analysis can be defined as a tool used in the control of a budget for instance, for revenues or costs by analyzing the performance using variances between the actual, and the budgeted amount. Finding the difference between the two costs, the standard and the actual costs

PAD 505 Week 9 Discussion 1 Multiyear Plan

Week 9 Discussion 1 5 Multiyear Plan Multiyear planning is a step that gives important actions and decisions that keep guide and puts into shape a given organization, what it does, why it does it, who it gives services and its future focus. Effective strategies on planning does analyses its success apart from articulating the

PAD 505 Week 9 Discussion 2 Analyses

Week 9 Discussion 2 5 Analyses Financial statement analysis is known to be a very powerful tool for the particular users who use financial statements, each having various aims concerning the circumstance of entity financially. The people concerned mostly are the investors, creditors, management and the regulatory authorities. In the process of analyzing finance, there

PAD 505 week 1 discussion The Craft of Budgeting

NAME SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR DATE DUE The Craft of Budgeting A budget is an estimation of revenue expense of a future for a particular period. It is when operations are planned basing on an estimation. There has been a generally difficult relationship between the president and the congress since the beginning. However the people who founded

The Operating Budget

The Operating Budget for Pennsylvania State Name Institution Tutor Course Date Introduction This agency is at a cabinet level in the state of Pennsylvania. It is situated in Harrisburg and has several program offices that are aimed for the admission of services. These program offices are made for supporting and caring for the citizens who

PAD 505 Week 4 Discussion 2 Trend Analysis

Week 4 Discussion 2 5 Trend Analysis Administrators face various challenges including financial management during trend analysis. It becomes a task for the administrators to balance the financial conditions especially for many years. There is no identified measure for the financial management of the government entities and the administrator should take an approach which is

PAD 505 Week 5 Discussion 1 Life Cycle Costing

Week 5 Discussion 1 5 Life Cycle Costing Life cycle of a product refers to the stages which products are put through for example, most products usually begin from introduction and end with withdrawal, where the point in which the product is first brought into the market is termed as the introduction. Products have generally

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