PAD 505

Policy Brief

Policy Brief Strayer University PAD 505: Public Budgeting and Finance The Department of Education Summarize the mission and budget of the department you selected. The mission of The U.S Department of Education is to promote students achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. The U.S Department of Education …

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PAD 505 Week 7 Discussion 2

Week 7 Discussion 2 4 5   From the e-Activity, provide three justifications for an increase to the four highest discretionary spending accounts.   Justification 1: Mandatory Spending eats up most of the budget. For example, Mandatory spending is the benefits provided by Social Security, Medicare and other programs established by prior Acts of Congress. It consumer nearly two-thirds of total spending. …

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The Operating Budget

The Operating Budget for Pennsylvania State Name Institution Tutor Course Date Introduction This agency is at a cabinet level in the state of Pennsylvania. It is situated in Harrisburg and has several program offices that are aimed for the admission of services. These program offices are made for supporting and caring for the citizens who …

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PAD 505 Week 5 Discussion 2 Cost-Benefit Analysis

Week 5 Discussion 2 5 “Cost-Benefit Analysis” Please respond to the following: From second e-Activity (Parts 1–IV), assume that you submitted your analysis that recommended Project A to your superior. She, however, negated your analysis and chose Project B. Support your recommendation with at least two (2) reasons for accepting the financial implications of Project A. Discuss …

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