IT 190

Identify the Ethical Issues within the Field of Information Technology

Identify the Ethical Issues within the Field of Information Technology Kaplan University IT 190 When thinking about ethical issues within the field of information technology, you have to break it down to understand the meanings. What is ethics? What is an ethical issue? How does an ethical issue affect the field of information technology? What […]

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Network Guidance

Network Guidance IT 190. Unit 7 In regard to the Little Country store, constructed in the early 1900’s with standard wood construction and has all the wiring up to code. We are installing 3 laptops in total, two of which will be located within the store, the third will be inside the home. For A

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IT 190-01 IT Concepts Unit 8 Assignment: Instruction Report

Instruction Report  IT 190-01 IT Concepts Unit 8 Assignment Globalization is the process in which ideas, goods, and people spread throughout the world encouraging more interactions and integration between the world’s government, cultures, and economies (Rouse & Pratt, 2016). Globalization came into prominence around the 1980s, and although many people might think it is a

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IT 190 Unit 4 Assignment: Software FAQ

Software FAQ   Software is “a set of instructions or programs instructing a computer to do specific tasks.” (Techopedia, “What is Software? – Definition from Techopedia”). Software is a general term to describe computer programs. Other terms to describe software are scripts, applications, programs, and sets of instructions. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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IT 190 UNIT 10 Discussion

Cyberloafing is a term that describes employees utilizing their company network, while at work, for non-work related activities. Facebook, emailing and messaging friends, watching youtube, or even booking dinner reservations are all examples of cyberloafing. A study in employee productivity revealed the current monetary value that companies have lost to be astounding. On average, cyberloafing

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Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy Purdue University Global Computer Use Policy This policy sets out the standards of ethical computing expected from each employee in the company. Ethical computing is a term used to describe “doing the right thing” while interacting with cyberspace. . To pass off and steal the ideas and words of someone else without

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IT190 Unit 1 Assignment

What is computer literacy and why is it important to be computer literate? Computer literacy is a level of familiarity with the basic hardware, software, and Internet navigation concepts that allow an individual to use personal computers for data entry, word processing, spreadsheets, and electronic communications. (“What is computer literacy”, n.d.) The importance of being

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IT190 References: What is the risk to the network? There many threats that can put your network at risks such as viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and computer hackers. Your networks are also vulnerable cybercriminals who commit cybercrimes. What risks are there to a computer connected to the network? If the computer shares the same network


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