Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 5 – Professional Development

Part 5: Professional Development

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Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 5: Professional Development


It is always imperative for nurses in the transition to becoming nurse practitioners to develop professional goals that they would want to achieve in their career path. Nurses have the obligation of ensuring that they provide their patients with the ideal nursing care. Academic success and professional experience provide registered nurses with an opportunity to attain their professional goals.

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As a nurse in the transition to becoming a nurse practitioner, I am looking forward to working as a nurse in one of the many health care organizations in the country in ensuring that I provide adequate, quality and safe medical care to my patients on time. I am also looking forward to ensuring that I administer appropriate medications to my patient, together with attending a patient’s mental and emotional status in my line of work. My curriculum vitae (CV) based on my education and professional background, my professional development goals, and how I will align the professional development goals with the university’s emphasis on social change would be discussed.


Nurse Assistant at St. Mathews Hospital.

October 2019 – Present

Roles and Responsibilities

Transporting patients around the hospital.

Monitoring patients during their stay in the facility.

Assisting patients with their daily activities such as eating.

Reacting to calls from patients that need assistance.

A receptionist at Jackson Behavioral Hospital

January 2019 – July 2019

Roles and Responsibilities

Welcoming customers to the facility.

Booking appointments/schedules for customers.

Receiving and answering phone calls from customers.

Maintaining an organized environment within the reception area.

A cashier at Rose and Carry Hotel

July 2018 – December 2018

Roles and Responsibilities

Preparing and presenting guest’s bills.

Handling all the organization cash transactions.

Checking customers into the hotel.

Preparing petty cash for the organization.


September 2013

High School Diploma at Gabriel Senior High

3.25 GPA

September 2019

Bachelor of Nursing, Walden University


Effective communication and critical-thinking skills.

Paying attention to details.

Easy to get along.

Committed to patient and organization development.

Confident and professionalism.


Engaging in community work-shops such as disease sensitization.

Team building.

Participating in sports such as soccer and swimming.

Undertaking voluntary work to help the community

Attending webinars


Assisting patients in moving around the facility.

Communicating with patients when offering them with their medications.

Releasing patients from the hospital.


Available on request.

Professional Development Goals

Since I am a registered nurse in the transition to become a nurse practitioner, my professional development goals are in line with my career. The increase in the use of technology in the health care industry has led me to have a professional development goal of increasing my competency in technological skills due to the rapid technological changes such as the use of Electronic Health Records (Fukada, 2018). As a transition nurse, my other professional development goal is to continue with my education and to engage in research as this will help in improving my delivery of care. My other professional development goal is ensuring that I develop excellent interpersonal skills, which I am trying to improve just like how Price & Reichert asserted that collaborating and communicating with other health care practitioners in the health care organization often leads to delivery of exceptional care (2017). I am also looking to become an expert in various nursing roles such as administering medications, assessing patient’s pain levels, and recording patient data. These levels of mastery will ensure that I can provide excellent nursing services to the patients, which is part of my professional development goal.

Link Between Professional Development Goals and Walden’s Emphasis on Social Change

Walden University is known for its urge to ensuring that it provides positive social change to the community. There are the Walden’s annual Global Days of Services, which offers an opportunity for the Walden community to engage in bringing social change in the society, and this is often through undertaking practices that will improve the lives and living standards of the society. The University calls for its members to engage in donating their time, resources, and expertise to the community, especially the marginalized individuals (Social Change Working Group, 2016). Therefore, I will align my professional development goal of increasing my competency in technological skills with the university’s emphasis on social change by ensuring that every individual in the society can protect their health information from hackers and being accessed by unauthorized individuals. I will also align my professional development goal of increasing my education, which will enable me to have knowledge and skills that will help in solving the various health issues that impact the society, such as diabetes, which is in line with the university’s emphasis on social change. I will also align my professional development goal of becoming an expert in the various nursing roles that I conduct with the university’s emphasis on social change. I will undertake this by engaging in voluntary activities in the community, creating awareness on how the community will govern themselves from various diseases and how to improve their health standards.


As a registered nurse in the transition to becoming a nurse practitioner, I have set insight into my professional development goals. My professional development goals will ensure that I engage in providing patients with adequate, reliable, quality, safe, and timely medical care. I look forward to completing my studies to pursue my career.


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