According to Lemert, how does an individual get labelled as a deviant

According to Lemert, how does an individual get labelled as a deviant? Would you agree with this perspective? Why or why not?

A sociological approach is provided by the labelling theory since it is through this that the society labels an individual based on crime or being a deviant. The individual who has been labelled faces stigma and everything they do is attached to the labelled given to them. Therefore, the individual will tend to adapt to crime or being a deviant as they will need to defend themselves or even a means of attacking those challenges they face due to the label. The behavior pattern of the individuals may change since they are treated differently after the crime or deviance.

The deviant behavior may not necessarily lead to labelling but in a way, society labels the individuals and since the environment affect their social and psychological status then the labelled may change their behavior to adapt to the problems they face. I agree that an individual gets labelled as a deviant after a crime and this is because society has a perceived way of behavior that is regarded to as the right way. The labelled face stigma since parents may claim they do not want to be associated with the individual such that they do not corrupt the morals of their fellow peers or children.


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