Final Project: Milestone Two: Strategic Objectives and “Big Idea”

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ADV 263 Final Project: Milestone Two

Strategic Objectives and “Big Idea”

Southern New Hampshire University

Strategic Objectives

Cultivate brand awareness that is different from other gyms that cater to the non-athletic.

Create an innovative way that caters to people at every level of fitness, but especially to those who are new to exercise.

Create social media accounts that are highly interactive with customers.

Partner with the local senior centers, community centers and libraries on an advertising campaign to promote the brand and attract customers.

Launch advertising campaigns on local college campuses and hand out flyers.

Offer incentives such as first month’s free for new members, one free month per referral that leads to new membership, and incentives to retain members such as a multi-year discount on renewals.

Reiterate the big idea to local markets to spread awareness and attract customers.

The Big Idea

Insight: We understand that most gyms have an element to attract people who might be afraid to join a gym, specifically those who don’t want to be “judged” by their fitness level. We also understand that even beginner’s classes sometimes aren’t really for beginners. While we don’t want to exclude people who are more comfortable with exercising in public, or just exercising in general, we feel that those who are sometimes the most awkward need the most encouragement and assistance.

Consumer Connection: At Average Joe’s, we celebrate the uncoordinated. We won’t just stick you on a machine with a few minutes of instruction. Heck, we might even have fallen off a treadmill ourselves once or twice. We feel that it’s important to create a community of people who feel accepted and encouraged. We develop plans for every person who joins, and customize a plan that is specific to each individual. With Average Joe’s, consumers will truly have a place where they can exercise, feel accepted, and achieve their fitness goals.

Brand Tagline: Not Your Average Gym

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

The Average Joe’s Gym and Fitness Center aims to have 50 members apply to the gym by the opening of our first location, that being on January 1st 2020.

After Average Joe’s opens its doors, we aim to increase our membership by 30% in the following 6 months in order to meet the needs of the surrounding community. The increase should be aimed to continue at a rate of 10% every 3 months.

Six months after launching all social media accounts; Average Joe’s will have an average of 20 interactions per post, per social account, per day. This will be reached by running share/retweet contests for free shirts and through posts that contain a call to action.

Six months after launching all social media accounts; Average Joe’s will reach a total of 100 likes/follows on each social account. This will be reached by running share/retweet contests for free shirts and through paid social ads.

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