Advanced Professional Roles and Values

Advanced Professional Roles and Values

Task 3

Quality and Safety

A vital role in being a nurse is to ensure that the patient is receiving the best possible care. Over the years, many rules and guidelines have been enforced to keep errors at a minimum. A few examples of situations that I have used quality and safety care for a patient would be when I ask the patient to state their name and date of birth. This process allows me to make sure that I have the right patient. When administrating medicine this process is even more vital to avoid mix ups in medications.

Evidence – Based Practice

Paying attention to detail is also very important in the career of nursing. Cause and effects of a million different situations can affect a patient’s health. Evidence – based practice is defined as “the practice of medicine based on solid research, and it adhere to standards for high quality and safety, all while focusing on patient’ needs” (4 Examples of Evidence-Based Nursing”, 2016). A way in which I have used evidence-based practice in my career would be doing protocols to prevent the spread of infection to patients. Using gloves, sterilizing, and correct handwashing helps to limit the spread of infection. I have noticed that when correct protocol is not used during surgery, such as instruments being placed out of the sterile field, that the patient is more likely to acquire an infection.

Applied Leadership

It is important to demonstrate leadership in the field of nursing to lead by example to others on the right and correct way of performing a task. As a nurse I will use my knowledge and expertise to the fullest and promote others to do the same. Within my career, I have collaborated with others as a team to help decide on the best option for the patient’s health.

Community and Population Health

As a nurse it is critical to pay close attention to community and population health. When you notice an abundance of patients being admitted for the same issue, especially only in your area of work, it is important to take note of it. For example, when noticing that a large number of young adults were being admitted with nausea, hallucinations, and difficulties breathing it is a nurse’s responsibility to notice. In this scenario the cause happened to be because of the rise of teens vaping which lead to these health issues.

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