Collaborative Decision Making Through Shared Governance

Collaborative Decision Making Through Shared Governance

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Collaborative Decision Making Through Shared Governance

Many healthcare organizations have adopted a shared decision making structure. Such organizations recognize importance of ensuring that professional nursing staff takes part in decision-making. All decisions made in such organizations are reached after thorough consensus of all members in the organization. Before organization makes any decision, all members of staff have to be consulted. Therefore, the main objective of this paper is to provide a comprehensive summary of a meeting held recently in the organization. The paper will provide information in regards to what was observed and how those in attendance interacted. This information will help in painting a clear picture on how the organization integrates shared governance in its leadership.

Despite having different opinions during the meeting, members were keen on noting down every detail discussed in the meeting. As they noted down proceedings of the meeting, those in attendance asked numerous questions to seek clarity. Basically, seeking clarity during these meetings, committee members stood a better chance of contributing to the decision madeGiven the difference in members’ opinion on the proposal to increase the number of beds in the rehabilitation unit, it was important to communicate goals of the proposal to all members of the committee. To begin with, senior leadership had to make the objective of introducing this change clear. In addition, they noted that implementing this proposal will help in increasing the number admissions in the hospital. This will be a step in the right direction given that the hospital is committed to providing quality healthcare to the community.

They said that they were slow in response to organize how the suggestion executed. Furthermore, they distinguished unit had inadequate resources at that time hence cumulative its capacity would still pose a challenge. Therefore, a decision was extended to implement the proposal after 3 months to allow those in charge of the unit prepare adequately.


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