AB 209 Employment Process

Employment Process

Employment process is normally a hard task especially for small businesses. The most serious weakness is looking for the competent people people instead of trying to understand what one can do and deliver in the company. They are normally obsessed with growth rather than what one can really deliver. This will lead to selecting a few people that might not be really aware of the needs that the company requires. The holes will not be patched and the company might not end up solving its problem. This can be remedied by first trying to look at what is absent and then looking for people who can fill that gap. This will make the small business a little complete and all the needs will have been catered for (Pickle & Abrahamson, 1976). First looking at the needs and the results later is the best way to handling this.

On-line testing will provide a clue of what the person is. They give you a rough idea of weather to consider them or not. Both on-line testing and games to screen give a clue and thus are best candidates to consider.


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