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Hiring in a Small Business





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Hiring in a Small Business

The process of a hiring in small company or business is normally challenging because you will need to find the right staff for the job. These are people that will take a lot of responsibilities and enable it grow. Finding these correct people possess a challenge at times. During the hiring process, attracting a diverse pool of candidates is very important you will be able to most likely get the right candidate for the job and position that you are offering in the company. This becomes essential if the company is t grow to any extent in the future. On the brighter side, a wide pool of people also increases the morale of the people selected to work in the work in the small business as asserted by (Broom & Longenecker,1975). They will work knowing that the business is eyed by many and they will like to stick around for some time offering their best. On the other hand, a pool of people might give an unrealistic expectation. People might be convinced and expect more from the business rather than just working with what is expected.

Hiring a diverse work force first needs the skills that are missing and needs to be worked on. The gaps should first be identified then filled. This process involves checking out what I will need in my small business and the gap that I am trying to fill. During the interview and hiring process, I will narrow down my search to people who have these skills. This will go a great deal in pin pointing the most likely candidates. For the three positions, I would have purchase and supplies department, marketing and the technical team that deals with processing and production as advised by (Hodgetts & Kuratko, 2008). The purchase and supply section would deal with all the logistics in purchasing and looking for the raw materials for my business. The marketing department will be tasked with the responsibility of looking for the market for the goods that are produced. It will also handle the distribution and sale of these products. The technical team will deal with all the processing of the goods to meet the clients demand. They will have everything specified to them by studying the market trends.

Since the business is still small, I wouldn’t have a pay similar to the ones bigger companies have. I would go [ay them all equally $50,000 a year and this would go a long way in meeting their daily needs and expectations in the company. As the business continues to grow day in day out, their salaries would be reviewed yearly based on their performance. Advertising for the three positions will make the small business have a wider pool of potential employees. A wider pools gives a better selection and qualified employees for the job. In conclusion, having a good start at any business is the key to its success. The employees at start should be up to the task to grow the company.


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