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Marketing Plan




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Marketing Plan

We all make plans on a daily basis about many things because plans are important to help us know where we are at and where we are going and how we might get there. It is not much different for a business and certainly for a coffee shop that wants to succeed. A business needs to plan for various reasons and for a number of contingencies but marketing represents one of the greatest that should be planned for. According to Kotler (2004) a marketing plan is developed for individual lines, brands, products and some customer groups. A marketing plan is arguably one of the most important aspects of a marketing process because it outlines everything about the business that company is involved in. For instance; analysis of the marketing situation, threats and opportunities, how to get customers and target market for its products.

A good market (access to it) is what determines if a business venture will live beyond the infancy stage and grow to maturity thus every business requires a good marketing strategy. And part of that strategy is to identify the target market that the products and services will directed at for sales. ‘More than coffee’ is determined to give all coffee lovers and junkies a great value for their money by giving them high quality coffee and fun.

According to Drucker (1954), the aim of marketing it to make selling unnecessary and that is what we aim to do by this. Our main target will be teenagers and other young people for because 57.4% of the world’s population is between ages 15-54 years (World Demographics, 2013) and that is also because this is a sustainable way of marketing and that is because we are aiming at building a stronger customer relationship to build and win their loyalty to our business and we hope that by son doing we can also get more customers through them. We intend to create a wonderful environment for our customers to have a great time with their family and friends and that is by having a nice facility that is spacious and with potential of outdoor sitting. We would like to have comfortable seats, soulful music in the background and above all well cooked and customer so meals and finely roasted and brewed coffee at an affordable cost. We believe that this will go a long way in enhancing the lives of our customers (Oldenburg, 1999). Families and households also form part of our target market and we plan to roast our own coffee that we can also sell to them together with muffins, cookies that we shall bake. Repairing coffee machines that have broken down for coffee lovers at an affordable is the other service that we shall provide at our coffee shop and this will mainly target families. But young people will be a biggest target and a robust presence on social media platforms such as twitter and facebook will enable us to interact with them and give them feedback on their demands that we work on satisfying them.

Place is another great component of the marketing plan and according to Kotler (2004) it is a channel of distribution of the products of a business. Our greatest channel of distribution will be our coffee shop. Majority of coffee customers are looking for something more than just a cup of coffee and they are willing to pay for that something special. ‘More than coffee’ aims to provide a sanctuary for such customers by creating a place for fun, relaxing and tranquility, an escape from the turmoil and bustle that dominates daily urban life.

We also plan to sell coffee-related items such as roasted coffee beans and coffee machines and this we will delivering to people’s houses once an order has been made through word of mouth or through our many online social media platforms. A competent sells team will be put in place to increase our visibility online and also deliver our products to our customers’ right in the comfort of their homes. We will also partner some students groups in the area to assist in marketing our products to their peers and to distribute them at a commission once an order has been made through them.


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