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Product Attributes – Tesla Motors

Tesla motors is a quickly emerging company in the technology sector. Its unique way of solving many technological problems is the one point that points out the company and makes it appear and be identified in the crowd. Brand wise, Tesla has chosen to market itself as a company that uses renewable energy and better more efficient energy sources. This can be seen in their cars that uses purely electric energy to operate and can be a substitute to the other cars that presently use fuel. This is more efficient than any other out there. Tesla has also invented an energy storage batteries that are far much more efficient than the present ones and have a lifetime of 10 years. This further cements their brand and shows their inventions and creativity.

Tesla Motors have their own unique car design. This unique design has enabled them win customers’ hearts and also inspired many other manufacturers to go ergonomically and functional at the same time. It is by no doubt that Tesla Motors has an outstanding design worth their innovation and creativity brand. A look onto its website critically shows the customer support tesla gives to its clients. Before anyone can purchase a car, they are first given a test drive so that they can experience what they will feel while using the electric car. Looking further shows that Tesla has superchargers that will enabled cars to be charged on the way while the owners are on their way. This is very important for long distance travelers as they won’t have to worry about their battery going down without much to do about it.

The good side of this company is that they provide an after sale service and also offer a test drive before one purchases it. They also do the delivery of cars which is good. One downside however is the number of superchargers worldwide. Only 2,000 and by nature customers are distributed all over. This is definitely not enough. Their latest product the Model S 80 has been received well as can be noticed on the comments section on its blog post. Roadster 3.0 on the other hand seems to solidify this believe.



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