AB 219 Discussion Identifying Needs Through Marketing Research

Unit 1: Introduction to Strategic Marketing

AB 219 Discussion: Identifying Needs Through Marketing Research

Respond to your Discussion topic after you have completed your Reading and Learning Activity.


One of the most difficult parts of doing marketing research is creating good questionnaires. Review the information on questionnaire design.

There are many free online survey software and questionnaire tools that are very easy to use. The most popular tool is SurveyMonkey®. Using this free tool, create a market research survey for Tony’s Pizza. Tony would like to serve his customers better. He would like to get a better idea of who his customers are, what they like or do not like about Tony’s Pizzeria.

Keep the survey short, no more than ten questions. Then, develop your response by discussing your experience using these tools. Paste the link to your survey in your Discussion response.

Respond per your Syllabus guidelines.

Hello Prof Ted and Classmates,


            I must admit, this was pretty cool. I really enjoyed building this survey. Trying to figure out what questions to ask and what types of responses I was looking for made it very interesting. Not only did I create the survey, but I chose to take the survey to get the full experience of how effective the survey would be from the supplier and consumers’ perspective. I used some of the upgraded features to get full effect, then when I was ready to click next, I had to upgrade prior to getting my link. So I chose to make the necessary adjustments needed to keep within the boundaries of the simple format. Below is the link to Tony’s Pizza survey.




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