AB 219 Unit 2 Assignment Memorandum


To: All English Faculty and Staff

From:Catherine Ocasio, Writing Specialist

Date: March 14, 2017

Subject:The Happiest Brand on Earth

At Disney, the brand is the name of the game, and the cross-platform success of the cars Franchise is by no means an exception to the rule”.

Disney marketing strategies were unique, accessible and diverse to be able to reach his target market. Disney’s new brand in the market had become the movie in the market. He used websites, films, and advertisement, making his brand in the market a great appeal for everyone. Digital animated films were received in the market whereby his name was the talk in the market. He influenced people through different products and services he provided which included games and programming, films and franchise of merchandises. Due to his expanding and diverse franchise, it becomes the global influence whereby every individual wanted the products from his merchandise. Different channels in television offered the platform for advertisement of this brand making it the global influence.There are many franchises offering whereby Disney’s focus is to expand the momentum and increase the product’s image globally.

Disney’s move to becoming a CEO also captured a huge number of people due to his great name. For Disney to fit in the new competition market, he found other competitive strategies which included expanding and shelling the target market from the tween girls to boys and adults.Entertainments from the marvel studios have taken the Disney franchise far by providing the context for the platform for advertisements.This enabled Disney to compete with not only other firms but also the TV channels. The corporation he made with the Disney XD and the Pirates of Caribbean was also helping him get top in the market. Disney has really dwelled in the media networks which include the channels, ABC and Hyperion publishing, theater groups, studios, parks and resorts and through his interaction. These are the markets that have focused on expanding and ensuring that his products and services are well advertised. Consumer products and services were also targeted by the Disney whereby he used magazines, electronics, food and beverages and also toys for children.

Conclusively, the components that work in the market mix of the happiest brand on earth include; Walt Disney Animated studios which operated with the Pixar Animation studios like the Disney nature, Touchstone pictures and the Marvel studios which were the main interest for all the tween boys and girls. The marketing mix for the Disney and the Pixar remain diverse and fantastic in the market as far as the franchise are flourishing too. The Disney and the Pixar are even thriving at a high rate because of its family friendly characteristic. The Disney market mix is doing great to the princesses whereby the newest brand has become the main popular in social networking and the online communities. Disney has used various marketing strategies to meet his target market which includes the Rapunzel.

Thanks for the corporation.

Yours faithfully,

Catherine Ocasio


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