AB 219 Unit 8 Assignment Developing and Managing New Products

Developing and Managing New Products

Catherine Ocasio

Kaplan University


April 25, 2017

Part 1


The brand name of a company speaks conveys more information concerning the specific company. For instance, Jim King is trying his best to make the brand to be memorable to the customers. He opts to use GaGa instead of the Sherbetter because the GaGa is to some extent attracting than Sherbetter. In addition, GaGa has something which attracts the attention of the customer as well as it has something which they can relate to. When using the brand name Sherbetter, the customers had difficult moments in understanding the product but GaGa brand makes the customers remember as well as to trust the brand and their products. The company uses free samples in order to assist the company in gaining exposure and also assists in teaching the customers what is the GaGa’s brand. The company teaches consumers about the product and also why the product is beneficial to them. They concentrate on the marketing efforts in the free samples as well as the free advertising. By this way, the company creates the loyal customers. By use of Facebook, the company connects with consumers and as a result great more personal relationship together with customers. The brand name GaGa had all the qualities to substitute Sherbetter hence creating a product which is memorable.


Jim King and the wife chose GaGa’s brand over the Sherbetter because GaGa brand was more memorable compared to the Sherbetter. For instance, the name Sherbetter is not even appealing to a potential customer. Using the name GaGa, it may interest an individual to know more about the product as well as what to taste the product personally. Using the name Sherbetter, people never understood exactly what the product was and they never thought of trying to know about it. By making use of the name GaGa and also redoing packaging of the product sparked the curiosity of the consumers and resulted to the brand being more marketable than before. By changing the product name, Jim King was able to better the promotion of the GaGa brand while the updated packaging influenced many consumers’ perception concerning the product offered. They were in need of brand which could focus on their marketing efforts and in return create loyalty to buyers. GaGa brand looked at each element to give the consumers a look, promise, memorability, as well as personality. This gave Jim Kim the knowledge about the product and the name stuck to the company customers. Maintaining the GaGa brand name gave customers loyalty as well as memorability concerning the product offered.


I found retailer websites after searching the GaGa Gourmet Frozen Dessert and Ice Cream. I found companies Facebook page located where they present their products as well as the current stories of the activities of the company, the future activities they will be involved and the causes they take part in. The company tries to make their product more applicable to customers. I managed to come across a blog about the GaGa Rainbow Sherbetter which explains more about the company. Jim king had early come across cartoon she posted on the GaGa’s products and he then sent her a pair of vouchers to make up for the experience. She later purchased the products and then had a good review on the product. In return, this created free advertising since her followers talked about how they plan to attempt the product. One of the websites I found explains more about the company, the GaGa product, and their history.

Rainbow Sherbetter is one of the product I found from the research. The company offers a selection of the flavors and it sells bars as well as pints. The GaGa products are usually made of natural ingredients, wheat, low fat and they are gluten free. The company uses memorable and eye catchy label which sticks to the customers. The trademark is the GaGa name which is well known than the Sherbetter. The GaGa name is used because it stands out and draws the interests of the customers towards the product. The product is available online and it is very easy for one to do an order. The company wants the products to be memorable in all perceptions from the name of the brand, labeling as well as product packaging.

Part 2


The Sherbetter bar is an example of a shopping product. Generally, a shopping product needs comparison shopping due to its high value than the convenience product and is usually found in few stores. In addition, it requires consumer research as well as a comparison of the brands. There are two types of the shopping products which include heterogeneous products and homogeneous products (Cooper, 2016). GaGa is attempting to establish their brand though it is not available in every store. The GaGa’s product is expensive compared to some of the big brands. Jim King must perform marketing testing in order to know the flavors that are sought after as well as know the right way to promote the product.


When GaGa’s developed the Sherbetter Bar, this was the addition to the existing product line. The additional products to the existing product lines are usually related products which are produced by the same company. The GaGa Sherbetter was already being produced and it was in the market. The Sherbetter Bars were only adding a new product to the line. The

By added products that are already in line with the existing products GaGa is able to grow and build their company. This can result in the attraction of the existing customers together with new ones with this kind of addition.


Commercialization would have assisted Jim King in realizing that the two products would not be shelved together. During the process of commercialization, the product is usually broken down into phases such as the initial introduction, the mass production, and the abortion. Jim King would have considered the production, the distribution, sales, marketing as well as customer support. He would realize that the bars would be provided to the market and the problems which may arise from the introduction of the product to the market. After concluding the commercialization process, Jim King would have realized that the products cannot be shelved together. If Mr. King commercialization his product he would have introduced it fully. Through this process, he would be able to see the consumer’s adoption rates, timing decisions for the introduction, and the coordination of their product.


Business analysis is the stage in which GaGa’s should have done the extensive focus groups as well as research needed before putting the Sherbetter on shelves. Business analysis is generally the practice of facilitating change within an organization context through defining the needs as well as recommending the possible solutions which add value to the business. This would have facilitated the company to research as well as to identify anything which the business might require, any troubles which may come together with their possible solutions. This could have given Jim Kim better knowledge about their particular product. By use of this process, Jim King could have made use of the focus groups as well as surveys to assist him in developing the product.


The Test Marketing is the stage in which GaGa should have introduced the Sherbetter GaGa to gauge the reactions of the customers. Different companies use the test marketing when launching a new product to the market so as to assist in getting the insight on the success of the product as well as how the marketing of the product. GaGa’s could have made use the test marketing in making the changes in their efforts of marketing before shelving the product. The results from the test marketing could have indicated to the company what required to be changed or even what was not included in their products hence do the corrections during the next production.


Sherbetter is in introduction stage of its life cycle. This is because it has not been fully established in the market (Stark, 2015). The product has not reached to the large stores such as Wal-Mart and from my research, I found that the company has only a few businesses which sell their products. The company Facebook page does not have many likes as it should have and there is few visit to the page indicating that not many people who are aware of the brand or the people are aware of the brand but they have not tried the products yet. The company is providing more products and also is trying to concentrate on the different age groups by use of the bars.


Cooper, T. (Ed.). (2016). Longer lasting products: alternatives to the throwaway society. CRCPress.

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