AB 219 Unit 8 Discussion

AB 219 Unit 8 Discussion

I purchased a Samsung TV high definition 40 inch. The retailer that I decided to purchase the product from was Best Buy. The competitor was Walmart. I chose Best Buy over the Walmart. Because they have the best products. And their products are at reasonable prices and they have great deals. And the warranties on their products are really great. You can also go online and order the products and get the warranties there also. They will deliver the product if you prefer. Or you can come in and pick it up.

    • Identify the retailer from which you would decide to purchase the product. Discuss why you chose the specific retailer over the competitor.

    b) Discuss the factors that helped you make the decision to purchase the product from the retailer. What are the top three factors that are most important to you in this purchase decision?

    The factors that helped me make the decision to purchase the product. The first factor was the product. And the second factor was the price. The third factor was the location of the store. It is not that far from me and I do not have to make a long drive.

    The three most significant differences I observed in comparing the two retail stores are. Walmart has great values. The prices are affordable. You can go online and select the products you like. They have excellent service. Best Buy have more quality brand name products. Best Buy products are higher than Walmart. You also can purchase their products online . The service is excellent also. Kenneth Hill

      • If your decision is not to purchase the item from either store explain why not. Identify and discuss the three most significant differences you observed in comparing the two retail stores.
    • Reference

      Lamb, Eric ACP MKTG 7th Edition Cengage- Learning

      Team Discussion. Make sure to scroll all the way down in this area to retrieve complete instructions.

      • Unit 9: Promotion Strategy

      Directions for the Discussion

      To obtain full credit for this assignment, you must answer the available question as thoroughly as possible. Your answer should be thoughtful and composed using complete sentences. Please follow the Discussion Board guidelines as provided in your Syllabus.

      Be sure to comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts. Your comments should be substantial and well-reasoned. Just agreeing with comments of another student does not fulfill this requirement.

      Team Discussion: Social Media Marketing

      After conferring with your team below Unit 10 in your team’s Discussion area you will respond to your Discussion topics as a team posting in the Unit 9 Discussion -Team Discussion area on the left navigation bar.

      In this Team Discussion, you will engage in the development of the following professional competencies:

      Meet project deadlines as a team

      These competencies also are critical to your success in most jobs.

      Companies are increasingly using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as part of ongoing business practices. The purpose of this exercise is to help you understand the impact of corporate social networking on the success of an organization. You will be divided up into teams of students in this exercise per the instructor.

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