AB 219 Unit 9 Assignment

U Drive Transport Brand Expansion

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Overview of U Drive Transport Brand

Chicago based Begun in June 2008 by brother & sister Carl & Jenna It targeted highly populated urban centers in the US Today it has employed 500 people nationwide where 20 locations are in major cities

Features & Benefits

3 features & benefits of the U Drive Transport product are: When vehicles are rented for a short time duration, they are economical & environmental friendly.Leased with no advance, except for weekends/holidays. Kiosk stations are near to the public transportation

Generating Leads

Lead Generation otherwise known as prospecting The identification of those organizations & individuals destined to purchase the seller’s products (Lamb, et. al, pg. 297, 2014) Referral A recommendation to a sales representative from a client (Lamb, et. al, pg 297, 2014) NetworkingA process of identifying potential customers from business contacts, friends, colleagues, associates, & fellow individuals in expert & civic associations (Lamb, et. al, pg 297, 2014) Cool Calling A type of lead generation where the seller approaches potential purchasers with no earlier information of the prospects’ needs/financial status (Lamb, et. al, pg 297, 2014)

Qualifying Leads

lead qualificationIdentification of a business prospect’s, perceived need, purchasing power, and accessibility & receptivity A perceived need Purchasing power Accessibility & receptivity

Approaching the Customer & Probing Needs

Pre-approach A process that depicts the “homework” that must be accomplished by a seller before he/she contacts a prospect Needs assessmentAn evaluation of the client’s particular needs & wants and the scope of alternatives the client has for fulfilling them Product/service Product information is the foundation for carrying out a fruitful needs analysis (Lamb, et. al, pg. 299, 2014) Customers & their needsThe seller ought to find out about clients than they think about themselves” (Lamb, et. al, pg. 299, 2014) Competition “The sellers must have information about the competitor’s organization & products as he/she thinks about his/her own organization” (Lamb, et. al, pg. 299, 2014)

Developing & Proposing Solutions

sales proposala formal composed report or presentation that blueprints how the sales representative’s item or service will address or surpass the prospect’s issues sales presentationa formal meeting in which the sales representative introduces a business proposition to an imminent buyer Presenters gesturesUtilize hand gesturesVoice articulation Ask open-ended questionsUtilize eye contact Incorporate visual components

Handling Objections

ObjectionsIt is part of a procuring decisionKeeping in mind that it is not personalExpect objections about the worth of goods

Closing the Sale

Negotiation “The process amid which both the sales representative and the prospect offer unique concessions trying to reach an agreement” (Lamb, et. al, pg. 301, 2014)

Following Up

“The last stride of the selling process, in which the sales representative guarantees delivery schedules are met, merchandise or services are executed as guaranteed, and the purchasers’ employees are properly trained to use the products” (Lamb, et.al, pg. 301, 2014).


Lamb, C. W., Hair, J. F., & McDaniel, C. (2014). MKTG7. Mason, OH: CengageU Drive Transport SWOT Analysis Video (2015); Kaplan University

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