AB 219 Unit 9 Discussion

AB 219 Unit 9 Discussion

Professor & Classmates,

1)  What social media website(s) does the company utilize?

Pizza Hut has proved to be a leader in social media marketing. Currently they use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a mobile app you can download to your phone to order pizza whenever you are without having to call. In addition to these places, you can also order the pizza with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and Amazon Fire Stick TV. They also have a social blog called “Hut Life Blog”. This blog keeps customers up to date on all the new and exciting things Pizza Hut is doing and involved in. Recently, during March Madness, Pizza Hut gave some lucky fans some sneakers that you can use to order pizza with a press of a button on the phone. These sneakers were called Pie Tops. Pizza Hut continues to use social media as an effective marketing platform.

2)  Who is the company’s target market? Does the company do a good job of targeting these individuals through its social networking site? Why or why not?

            The target market for our chosen company of Pizza Hut is pretty much straight forward. That would be people who, like me, like to dine-in and eat pizza. Tumblr.com (2017) talks about people who desire a comfortable, family-oriented, and dine-in environment to eat pizza. The great thing about Pizza Hut is that they also offer a delivery service or pick up to its customers.

            Pizza Hut uses many social media cites to market its product to the pizza lovers. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and they have an app and website to reach out to their consumers. Pizza Hut has a great reputation and brand that is well-known for being humorous and fun. Worldpress.com (2017) talks about Pizza Hut using a combination of different social media platforms and apps to create communities and relationships on the web. Pizza Hut uses promotions and coupons to further enhance the experience for the customer. They have a variety of items other than pizza, such as: salads, pastas, and desserts to attract people to its restaurants.

3)  Compare the company’s social networking site with its official website. How does the content and language differ between the two sites?

            While you wouldn’t think that the official website and social media site would be much different they actually differ a great deal.  The content on the official website is much more descriptive than that of their Facebook page.  The website includes menu items, customer service options, restaurant locations, career opportunities, and even company policies.  Pizza Hut has created a much simpler page through the social media site Facebook.  Facebook posts include daily specials, current events, and customer reviews.

4)  Social media objectives are listed in Chapter 18 in section 18-2b. Identify the company’s primary social media objectives based on actual communications on its social networking site. Be sure to provide examples.

            Once a listening platform has been established, Pizza Hut developed a list of social media objectives to accomplish.  Based on their Facebook social media page their primary objectives are most likely to promote products and services, and improve customer service.  The nice thing about Facebook is customers can actually rate and review businesses through their social media page.  They also serve as a customer service option via Facebook messaging. Further, Pizza Hut also used their Facebook to promote weekly specials, products, and services.

5)  Describe the promotional methods that the company uses to market products or services on its social networking site.

Pizza Hut uses a variety of promotional methods to market their products and services on its social networking site.  Pizza Hut promotions change frequently but specials are always posted on its social networking sites.  Ordering pizza couldn’t be easier, you can either call in or you can place your order online.  If you joint Hut Lover’s online you get a free order of breadsticks.  By joining Hut Lover’s, one can receive promotional coupons online.  Currently, Pizza Hut is offering several promotions.  You can by two medium pizza any way you want them for $6.99 each; a big box that includes two sides such as wings or breadsticks, and two Sicilian pizzas for $19.99; or a large two-topping pizza for $7.99 (Pizza Hut, 2017).  Researching the promotions, I had to order a pizza since the promotions were so good.  When I picked up the pizza attached to the box were additional coupons with their current promotions.   Pizza Hut is collaborating with the Hershey Company to offer cookies and brownies to complete your pizza experience.  Pizza Hut promotes their speedy service and offerings of thin crust, stuffed crust, pan, home style, and many flavored crusts.   Pizza Hut promotions can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, mobile app, and Google +.  Pizza Hut advertises their promotions on television ads as well.  Pizza Hut is always offering great promotions to encourage dining in or out at your local Pizza Hut.

6)  What do you recommend that the company do to stay on top of current social media trends?

I think that Pizza Hut already does a really good job with social media trends. They have been around for so long, which works to their advantage because almost everyone knows their name. I think to stay on top of social media trends, they should continue to make sure they are hitting the right target market which could be anyone from college students to families. It’s easier now more than ever to suggestively sell on social media because everyone has social media now. You could be scrolling through your feed, see a sponsored ad from Pizza Hut, and then all the sudden you feel like eating a pizza. 


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Unit 10: Pricing Strategies

Respond to your Discussion topic after you have completed your reading and Learning Activity.

Discussion: Pricing―One of the 4 P’s

Being up to date with current events is an important part of becoming a business professional. In marketing, it is part of an important responsibility to continuously scan the external environment for opportunities and threats. Execute the following steps to successfully complete this Discussion on the pricing component of the marketing mix:

Step 1: Choose a current article on pricing from the KU Online Library located in the home area of the course room. You can use the following search terms: The 4 P’s -Pricing

You can also view a tutorial on the 4 P’s located in the Doc Sharing area.

Step 2: Cover the following topics in your Discussion answer in essay format:

Discuss the key purpose of the article in relation to the pricing component of the Marketing Mix.

Identify two pricing concepts that you learned from reading this article.

From the perspective of a professional, what impact does the information on pricing in this article have on the marketplace?

From the perspective of a consumer, what impact might the pricing concepts in the article have on the buying decisions of consumers?

How might this information on pricing affect you personally?

Directions for the Discussion

To obtain full credit for this assignment, you must answer the available question as thoroughly as possible. Your answer should be thoughtful and composed using complete sentences. Please follow the Discussion Board guidelines as provided in your Syllabus.

Be sure to comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts. Your comments should be substantial and well-reasoned. Just agreeing with comments of another student does not fulfill this requirement.

Unit 10 Discussion

“Something unexpected has happened at Apple, once known as the tech industry’s high-price leader. Over the last several years it began beating rivals on price. People who wanted the latest Apple smartphone, the iPhone 4S, were able to get one the day it went on sale if they were willing to wait in a line, spend at least $199 and commit to a two-year wireless service contract with a carrier. Or they could have skipped the lines and bought one of the latest iPhone rivals from an Apple competitor, as long as they were willing to dig deeper into their wallets. For $300 and a two-year contract, gadget lovers could have picked up Motorola’s Droid Bionic from Verizon Wireless, or they could bought the $230 Samsung Galaxy SII and $260 HTC Amaze 4G, both from T-Mobile, under the same terms. Apple’s new pricing strategy is a big change from the 1990s, when consumers regarded Apple as a producer of overpriced tech baubles, unable to compete effectively with its Macintosh family of computers against the far cheaper Windows PCs. But more recently, it began using its growing manufacturing scale and logistics prowess to deliver Apple products at far more aggressive prices, which in turn gave it more power to influence pricing industry wide.”(NICK WINGFIELD).



NICK WINGFIELD (OCT. 23, 2011) Apple’s Lower Prices Are All Part of the Plan http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/24/technology/apples-lower-prices-are-all-part-of-the-plan.html

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