Acme Graphic Design Wireless Local Area Network

Acme Graphic Design Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)


Acme Graphic Design Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

Network Planning Proposal

The main reason why we need to install and use a WLAN is because we need to be able to easily access all of the information that we need when we need it. The return of investment with this WLAN comes in the form of not having to pay for physical cords and cables to attach and connect all of the computers using the system. With the layout being what it is as an “L” shape, making sure everyone can connect well could pose a problem. Also with the food court towards the bottom of the L shape, we will need to implement a solution that can have a good signal through that area. Another area of concern will be around the conference room and records keeping areas. We will again need to implement a solution to increase coverage through that area as well.

Wireless Network Details

The wireless network I chose for this situation is 802.11n/g with the ability to use either 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz. The reason why I did this, is to be able to use devices that support 2.4 Ghzlike older equipment and have the 5Ghz as well for newer equipment and have the ability to be able to expand if new equipment is added on. I have 3 WAP access points. I am doing this because of the L shape of the office area. Each WAP is set to use mixed 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz depending on which kind of device is connecting to the network. I prefer to use directional antennas so that we will not have a lot of overlapping and have stronger signals to get through the walls within the building as well as having the signal stay within the building and not have the signal available outside the building. I am using channels 1,6 and 11 so that way I can add more APs if needed on different channels and I won’t have to worry so much about overlapping. With as many walls in this office I wanted to use an AP with a stronger signal to be able to have low noise and tolerance. There is also a big area conference room and cafeteria which can be a problem when trying to connect from these areas and each corner of the office, this is why I chose to implement 3 APs to be able to cover the entire office area without any problems. I really wanted a separate AP near the area with all the cubicles so that way they won’t interfere with any other part of the office, plus if there are issues we can handle it right at that point.

802.11n/g 802.11n/g 802.11n/g
Channel 1 Channel 6 Channel 11
Directional Southwest Directional East Directional North

Network System Security

We will start by placing the controller and server end of thing in a locked room where only the IT administrator and or very high management will have a key to access the room. When the room is accessed the person entering the room must make a note who entered the room and why on the provided worksheet that will be in the room. All ACME data will be secured. The data to be secured will be user names and passwords, account information for employees as well as for customers. Customer account information to be secured are names and addresses, phone numbers and any financial information. Other data to be secured will include anything management sees fit as far as data used for company purposes, including drawings, specifications and so on. This will include and information All access points will have been mounted high off the ground so accessing them will be noticeable. All access points will be using WPA2-PSK encryption. The controller will be running a Cisco Network Management (CNM) to be able to manage all access points and who can access these points and what kind of devices will be able to access and use the network. The controller will also have a firewall installed configured to allow traffic needed for company purposes to travel through, as a basic for of security, then will have antivirus/malware software installed as well. Only the MAC addresses of the company’s equipment will be allowed to access the network, unless specified by management. If management deems other equipment to be allowed, then such changes will be made to accommodate. Each user will be provided a user name and password to access the network. When each employee gets their username and password, they will have a packet given to them that they must read and sign off understanding that they understand the security measures and what to do if there is a problem. Once a month there should be a meeting with all the employees dealing with the network, to go over security procedures and protocols for anything that may happen while at work, including what they should do if they think they have been compromised or if they accidently accessed information they may not have had access too. The network administrator and management will also have their own separate meetings for any incidents and what the protocols are for upper management incidents.

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