Advanced Filtering

“Advanced Filtering” Please respond to the following:

Describe the most effective advanced filtering and search interface. Argue why the interface you chose is more effective than others, and describe who benefits most from the interface you are describing.

Collaborative filteringallows groups of users to combine their evaluations to help one another find interesting items in large collections (Herlocker et al., 2004). Each user rates items in terms of their interest.The system can then suggest unread items that may be close to users’ interests, as determined by matches with other people’s interests. This method can also be applied to movies, music, restaurants, and so on: For example, if you rate six restaurants highly, the algorithms will provide you with other restaurants that were rated highly by people who liked your six restaurants. This strategy has an inherent appeal, and many such systems have been built for shopping, news files, movies, or music. This type of filtering is really advanced and in my opinion on of the most effective since it can use real time data and objective information presented by a similar group of either peers or people with the same interest as the user.

From the e-Activity, Google has been the dominant market leader for search engines for the past several years, despite a fairly basic interface and competition from competitors like Microsoft and Yahoo. Discuss reasons why Google has been able to maintain such a high market share. Also, suggest some ideas for a search engine that would be able to take market share away from Google.

I believe one of the reasons that Google has been wining the war on search engines is not simply for the type of results it brings back after a query, but because of the combination of algorithms that take in consideration past histories, searches, web visits and any other information or personal information that is related to the user. This is specially done when you are doing a search when you are logged in with your google account of it. For example, a simple search for the work pizza on my google account brings the following:

Now first of all, I am sure this will not be the same search results you will get if you type pizza. The top search only means that domino’s is paying google to be on the top and is an add, but the top three are not only the closes pizzerias to my home, but the firs “Pizza Di Folco” is were Google knows I go always, making it my best match. This personalized search experience is what has make Google to be on top for all these years. Two alternatives to Google are BING, the second most popular search engine and DuckDuckGo which doesn’t retain its users’ data, so it won’t track you or manipulate results based on your behavior, the best alternative if a user does not like the fact that Google tracks everything.

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