Advances in computer and Web technologies which would benefit K-12

Advances in Computer

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Advances in Computer

Advances in computer and web technologies are the new developments taking place in the field of web technology and computer. Some of the advances that can help k-12 assessment include; education assessment, assessment accommodation, standardization and assistive technologies.

To start with standardization is a situation where technologies or anything else is built in a way that it is in line with the technologies and other specifications that have taken root over time. Standardization makes it easy to use computers and other wed technologies, (Albrkhil, 2013). Without such development it would be hard for some people to use new technologies in the market.

Education assessment on the other hand is the increased innovation in the testing through the legal requirements and standards of an industry which brings about challenges in the digital delivery of the assessment, (Barbour, & Adelstein, 2013).

Assessment accommodation is the changing of change of the materials or procedures used in testing. These changes should not interfere with the content that the test was intended to test. This can be achieved by considering the different needs of different individuals with disability. Assessment accommodations are needed mostly in order to take care of individuals with disabilities though the difference in disability in different individuals.

The district is likely to implement assessment accommodation in the near future due to the number of individuals with disability, (Barbour, & Adelstein, 2013). The assessment accommodation will help the district to cater for the different individuals with different disabilities.

The analyses for teacher employee would include the personal analyses. This analysis will help to indentify the potential individuals who would participate in the training. After getting the personal analysis the skills, knowledge and abilities analysis will be carried out to ensure that the best candidate is selected for the training, (Albrkhil, 2013). The ability of an individual to communicate will be assessed at this particular stage.


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