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The Clinton Foundation in Rwanda


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The Clinton Foundation in Rwanda


The article was aimed at depicting how the Clinton foundation has political influence in Rwanda plus the way it has effectively engineered viable projects in Rwanda that have created employment and raised the living standards of the Rwandese people. The main aim is to shed light on the progressive work that the Clinton foundation has impacted in the Rwanda government and its contribution to the success of Kagame’s government especially in the health sector and agricultural sector. In the political sector, the author tries to relate how the foundation has impacted in the political presidential contention by Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2017 and the way the foundation has been used in creating a name for her and when it comes to business, it has created a Clinton brand (Bemowski & Stratton, 1998).

Position of the author

The author tries to make the reader believe that it was through the friendship between Clinton and Paul Kagame that has led to the Clinton foundation investing millions of dollars in the country in various projects plus the author also tries to make the reader understand that Kagame may have some political protection due to the high level friendship between him and the Clintons hence his violation of human rights as claimed while no action is being taken. At the same time he tries to show the progress that Rwanda has gained after the genocide and the level of cohesion that Kagame brought to the country and the way the Clinton foundation has contributed to health and economic growth in the post-genocide error in a bid to see Rwanda free itself from frequent western assistant and become self-reliant (Sanders, 2011).

Strategies used to convince reader

The author looks into convincing the reader through citing developments and projects made by the foundation in Rwanda as well as shed some light on how strong the relationship between Clinton and Kagame was and on the other hand the way Clinton used the foundation to create a brand for him and his wife to use especially in their political reasons in a bid to secure the highest office in the country. He shows how Clinton has invested heavily in Rwanda’s health sector through the foundation as well as the belief that Clinton tends to be mentally clouded by his friendship to Kagame (Bemowski & Stratton, 1998).

For example the foundation has set up a crop genetically engineering facility to ensure that crops double their yields. In the side of friendship, Kagame and Clinton have a conviction that in order for the country to develop, the residents have taught how to fish rather than reliance on aid from foreigners. This goes to an extent where Kagame had to ask for support from Clinton since the AIDS menace was killing most of the Rwandese as they could barely afford the ARV’s. Due to Kagame’s ability to quell corruption and transform the country in to a cohesive genocide free country, the two became friends and the foundation was willing to invest in the AIDS eradication program plus other economically beneficial programs that boosted the economy of the country through the foundation (Sanders, 2011).

Strengths of the approach

The author has a number of strengths in his article in that he does not side with any of the information sources but rather states facts that are well known to everyone for example he states the various projects that truly exist in Rwanda plus the way that the money was raised and from which countries. There is also a chance for the reader to make his own decisions either to believe what he is reading as most of the points come from extensive research from the paper. The examples given also help the reader to understand how the foundation works (, n.d).


In the paper, there are a number of speculations that may deem the paper as biased such as the speculations that Clinton keeps on supporting Kagame because of the investments he has in Rwanda plus the level of their friendship. The author has thus left important information that shows how the friendship between Clinton and the Rwanda president may have influence the claims that Paul is using protection from Clinton to violate human rights (Bemowski & Stratton, 1998).

There has been very little evidence or material to show how Kagame has been violating the human rights though claims have been there without any evidence shown in the paper. There is also very little information on the way money is raised from donors for the foundation and how the money is spent. Only a number of the projects in the foundation are also explained in details such as the agricultural and the AIDS sector hence leaving a loophole in the other projects (, n.d).


The article was effective in showing how the Clinton foundation has impacted positively in making Rwanda a self-reliant country in the health and economic sector by commencing wonderful donor funded projects in the country. The move has been appreciated worldwide up to a point where the Clinton family has created a name for themselves that has even helped them scale up the political ladder in the United States (, n.d).


The author should not tend to concentrate more on how the foundation has affected the Clintons politically but should have majored on the projects that have been implemented and supported through the foundation. The article should also have avoided making speculations on the human rights violations by Paul Kagame but should have majored in providing supportive evidence to prove that just like the way he proved that Kagame assisted in the unification of Rwanda after the genocide (Bemowski & Stratton, 1998).


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