Analyzing the Environment External Environment

Worksheet #2

Analyzing the Environment – External Environment

Complete this matrix using the readings from the textbook, additional reading and video materials, as well as the case study for this course. Use the information you collect here to complete an initial plan for the development and dissemination of the strategic planning documents you will develop as the course long project. Be specific.

Competitive Advantages Competitive Disadvantages
Holds 282 beds much like competitorsStaffs 2400 employees and 450 physiciansThe hospital subsection currently serves four suburban counties of central New JerseyOffers general healthcare as well as specialtyOffers a Diabetes Center along with other specialty services sought after consistently. Both SUMC and UH have more professional affiliations and backing.The scholarly side of CHHS is not nearly as strong as the others.Others have been voted best places to work all around and not just in one subsection.Does not offer enough specialty services to be as profitable as both SUMC and UH.
Element Identify the Activity Record Findings
Review role statements and organizational framework. CEO will motivate the leadership and team to come up with the groundwork for the strategic plan. Will also designate a facilitator who will then begin to bring together members of the committee to further the project. Facilitator named and all leadership has fallen into place to allow for implementation of the planning sessions.
Analyze external characteristics and utilization trends. The hospitals can all house a large number of patients. Although CHHS is able to house a large number of patients as well, the other hospitals hold better ground with the local and state universities creating a less desired atmosphere in terms of affiliations.
Identify the major external stakeholders and their role. Patients – the role here is to seek assistance in some way from the healthcare systems in place.Local Scholarly Investors – looking for a place to further the education of community students.Competitors – Sole role is to bump CHHS out of competition to be the best and most sought after.Community – all of whom have the potential to both invest and be patients.  
Conduct primary market research. Look at the community needs, take polls and other such items to understand the real need there.Seek understanding from the employees on what makes them want to work for their respective company.Check with the competitors to understand placement and where they need to be.  
Review government regulations that may affect the goal. Take into effect the Health Care Act and how it affects the profitability of the healthcare systems.Understand state and local regs for all aspects of the business and understand how they relate to the goals set out.  
Analyze other critical external resources and trends. Important to understand how the community is doing in a financial aspect, and understand how it directly relates to the business as a whole.  
Analyze financial performance and position in market. Understand what has worked in the past and what has not.Understand where this stands with competition. Know the situation of the current economy in the community.  
External assessment of the end product. Know exactly what the competition is working on and already has, keeping the slate open for our ideas. Currently do not offer the full employee experience.Currently offering a lot more in the way of specialty services.Currently ahead of the game in affiliations.
Reinforce future orientation. Know exactly what the expectation is for the future and what the goals are precisely.  

Using the exhibits in Chapter 3 of the textbook and the data collected above, complete the following chart:

Task Outcome
Define scope, both the time frame and scope of analysis. Research will be conducted during current time frame of two quarters, and will periodically check in on the status and update as needed.
Identify major external stakeholders and role. The patients are the major external stakeholders, and so are the employees.
Identify basic external trends. Competition, patient satisfaction, community involvement, affiliations.
Identify key uncertainties and barriers. Unsteady economy, healthcare changes and/or instability.
Identify additional research needs. Need to understand the competition and what drives the affiliations and employees there. Also understand how they stay profitable with less focus on general healthcare.
Develop quantitative methods as necessary. Number of employees, Number of affiliates, number of beds, Services provided.
Develop qualitative methods as necessary. Patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and place with competition.

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