Annex Texas Health Care Organizational Structure

Annex Texas Health Care Organizational Structure

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Organizational structure


Health care is mainly centered on organized provision of medical care to individuals, and is not limited to health sector. Health care is a concern for health care experts and they usually achieve this through the use of modern medical technology, in an organizational setting. Every person has a right to better health care and should be made accessible to all.

Annex Texas health care willbe a private entity that I will be working to establish in the near future andwill provide health care services to vulnerable and needy resident of northern Texas and its environs. We will provide easy access to both out-patient and inpatient services. Annex Texas health care will be governed by four member board of directors. Each member of the board will represent the interest of the community, the organization, Annex Texas health care health professionals and those seeking health care. These persons will be are responsible for policy setting, in regard to the direction of the organization, maintaining accountability of funds, approving budgets and coming up with viable strategic plan. Besides board members, there would be area managers to run the different departments and formulate laws.

The Annex Board members and health staff shall strictly abide and be guided by organizational laws and health ethics which will be established within the operation parameters of the organization. In general this laws are:

Management Committee

  1. To carry out research activities to improve the quality of care offered and to promote healthy living.
  2. To make medical care easily accessible to vulnerable and needy residents of northern Texas and its environs.
  3. To provide the best training to the health practitioners.
  4. To follow government laws and regulations in regard to the operation of a health care facility.

The business and management of the health care shall be conducted by this committee and will delegate some functions to the chief executive.

Medical Board

This body will be the advisory organ to the management committee and should report all matters that it deems fit for consideration by the management committee.

Chief Executive

This team of executive will be conducting and running the day to day activities of the health care. Its management roles will include:

Strategy Group

  1. Responsible for executive and day to day management of the health care
  2. The remuneration, recruitment and supervision of staff
  3. Implementation of projects and expenditure monitoring
  4. Monitoring the quality of the services provided
  5. This group will be responsible in evaluation of strategies and formulation strategic plans. They are tasked with coming up with best approaches of implementing the strategic plan.

    Departmental Heads

    Departmental heads will be responsible for the day to day activities and management of their respective department

    We have come up with our mission statement, vision and strategies that will go hand in hand with our strategic plan, in ensuring that we make access to medical care available to the needy and less fortunate in the community.Our strategic plan outlay will be focused on providing easy access to more medical care by expanding its operations and network. This plan will not onlyfocus on increasing access to medical care, but also altering on how Medicare is delivered, ultimately achieving our main goal of improving the health care access. And in this case we will achieve our vision

    Vision: Annex Texas health care will provide unmatched experience in service delivery as the most trusted Medicare.

    Mission Statement: To create easily accessible health care services to all

    Values: Our core values will be categorized as follows;

    Stewardship: To gain public trust through openness, discipline and professionalism.

    Innovation: To create solutions that meets the current health care needs.

    Respect: To uphold and honor our dealings with clients and our employees.

    Collaboration: To partner with other health stakeholders in improving the health care.

    For Annex Texas health care to achieve its goals and mission, we have laid down four strategic plans as our foundational key pillar under which we will strategize and channel our efforts to. These key pillars will include: Health Care, Health care Coverage, Health care Promotion, and Health care Infrastructure.

    Strategic Plan

    Strategic planning refers to set of processes used in defining objectives (Varkey P. et al. 2010), implementing strategies and measures to understand the situation and make decisions and guidelines for the organization (RodríguezP. ,ManelP., 2012). The Annex Texas health care strategic Plan for the first three years of operation will be organized and categorized into four foundational pillars. Each pillar will have key initiatives that must be implemented during the course of the three years of operation. Every initiative will have associated measures to monitor the progress and achievements of the initiative.

    Health Care

    In health care, we will have goals that must be met, for us to meet our strategic plans. In line with our mission, vision and values of ensuring easy access to health care to all, we will provide access to health care with respect to our core values. We will provide high quality, coordinated and organized clinical services. Our main goal for health care will be to transform clinical services delivery and to create easy access to cost-effective health care. To achieve this, we will put in place initiatives that will increase access to health care. More so, we will be innovative so as to meet the present day health care challenges and transform the health care delivery (Ellis Knight et al, 2014) by making it cost-effective, high quality, and to patient needs.

    Health Care Coverage

    For us to grow, we must expand on our coverage area. Our main goal for this initiative will be to increase our enrollment in health care coverage to our environs and even beyond. To achieve this, we will put in place mechanisms that will ease navigation and enrollment to our services. We will offer insurance to our employees and also make it available to all who seek our services and make available other health benefits, by doing so, we will increase our coverage.

    Health Care Promotion

    Goal under this pillar will be to support and improve health of individuals and by extend the community by implementing health promotion, and healthy living. To achieve this, we will align our health system and formulate policies that will improve and promote individuals health, and those of their family members. To hold regular seminars so as to inform the surrounding community of taking care of their health and eating healthy. Create mobile clinic to assist the elderly and also take the services close the people. We will also set aside funds that will enable us hold and participate in health charities such as sports and walks that will create awareness of a given disease.

    Health Care Infrastructure

    Strategic plan under this pillar will be to make sure that we have functional and sufficient facilities, service providers and mechanisms are in place to fully support the health of those who need it. A strong and functional infrastructureis key to supportthe current and future needs ofhealth care. Annex Texas health care will carry out upgrades to its healthcare infrastructure so as to alignthem with changes in thehealth care,and to ensure that we meet the present andbe prepared for future needs.

    Our goal for this pillar will be to improve the provision of health care to the target population, currently and future by increasing the number of service providers, improving facilities, installing the best and current technology, and providing services in an organized and coordinated manner.

    It is our aim to grow and expand our operations, and our managers and board members must regularly update policies to meet the current needs. With new challenges and needs we will educate our staff on the management changes and help them in transition phase in a structured approach. For this management change, we will adopt the “Lewin’s change management model.” This model proposes three stage of change, unfreeze, create changes and refreeze. This method will allow us to freeze our operations, analyze and identify places that require improvements. Make the necessary changes and refreeze operations. Frequent reviews and assessment will follow as to ascertain the impact of the change.

    Financial Requirement and Staffing

    In order to achieve our set out objectives, we will require enough resources to operate successfully. Our primary source of capital is from personal and family saving and will be used to run the hospital and generate profit. Acquiring skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff, best infrastructure and administration systems will be our key resource that will help us deliver and maintain our objectives.

    Services Offered

    As a startuphealth care service provider, we will be offering care services to people of northern Texas and it’s environ. This services will include:

    Nursing, hire the best nurses that will offer nursing services to those seeking our services and we plan to grow and expand nursing services in the future.


    Medical consultancy, surgical and clinical medical are the main service that we will be offering, and this will be critical to our operations.


    Diagnosis is cornerstone of most health care, we will ease access to diagnosis and offer quality diagnostic services.

    Health and personal care

    Under this service, we intend to educate our target people and stress the need of healthy living and provide access to dietetics, physiotherapy and pharmacy services. For us to serve the aged and sickly members we must ensure that the above services are remain central to our daily operations.

    IT department, administration software system will have an extension that will host finance department. This software will enable us record all patients and capture all the billing details, in this case transparency and accountability will be achieved.

    In general, this strategic plan outlines how we will provide and continue offering quality, cost friendly and effective. Our objectives and goals for the next three years of operation are also set out and appropriate way on how to approach them. Health is necessity for a happy community and for it to prosper, health care should be within reach and easy to access while the health care should be in a position to offer high quality and affordable health care services, it is because of this reason that we have to implement the strategic plan in the near future and add value to the already existing health care organizations.


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