Applying Labor and Employment Laws to Medical Practices

Employment laws that employers could unintentionally violate and the solution

Work safety regulations

In this case, the law requires that the employers should provide a safe environment for the employees to work in. The employers could violate the law by not placing relevant risk notices ion the required places. Top avoid such, the managers should place well legible notices in all the risky places and in places that they can be clearly seen.

Overtime wage regulations

It is required that the employers need to pay the employees for any time worked in overtime. The employers may overlook this while trying to meet certain deadlines that have been set. To avoid this, the need to come up with an automatic system that recognizes all the hours that the employees work in overtime so as to provide the needful payments to the employees.

Basic models of physician compensation

Straight salary model: this is a model that assures the physicians of a particular amount of wages at the end of a particular period. In this regard, the physicians are sure of the amount that they will earn at the end of , say, a month.

Equal shares compensation: in this case, after all the expenses are deducted from the profits of the organization, the remaining amount is shared equally among the physicians.

Productivity based compensation: in this case, the physicians are paid based on the performance they portray after a particular period of time.

Best model

In my opinion, an integrative compensation method could be used for the physicians. The physicians need to be sure that they will earn something at the end of the month. again, it is necessary that the employees get motivated for their work. This would be attained after assessing their performance on a fair basis. Thus, the best compensation method to use would be the productivity based method so as to motivate the employees to work to their level best.

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