AR301 Week 8 QUIZ

Question 1


Based on this artists’ use of comic strip style to display teen angst, who is likely the artist of this work?

    Andy Warhol
    Roy Lichtenstein
    Jasper Johns
    Grant Wood

5 points  

Question 2


Who led the early Realist painters that were interested in painting the urban city life and establishing a national American identity through their work?

    Georgia O’Keeffe
    Robert Henri
    Arthur Dove
    Andy Warhol

5 points  

Question 3


Name three different type of items that Pop artists took visual cues from.

Colordepth form

10 points  

Question 4


What was the name of Andy Warhol’s studio?

The factory


5 points  

Question 5


Temporary environments (often encompassing an entire room) set up in galleries or museums is called ____________________________.

5 points  

Question 6


Who was the gay male artist who used abjection both to draw attention to sexual difference and renounced organized Catholicism?

    Thorton Dial
    Robert Gober
    Fred Wilson
    Bill Viola

5 points  

Question 7


Who was the painter known for putting his canvases on the floor and using brushes and sticks to drip and splatter paint?

    Mark Rothko
    Thomas Hart Benton
    Jeff Koons
    Jackson Pollock

5 points  

Question 8


“I consume therefore I am” is a mantra that is associated with what movement?

    Pop Art
    Southwest Modernism

5 points  

Question 9


Who was the muralist whose Rockefeller mural was destroyed after he included the image of Vladimir Lenin?

    Thomas Hart Benton
    Ben Shahn
    Diego Rivera
    Stuart Davis

5 points  

Question 10


Duchamp signed his Fountain “I. P. Freely.”



5 points  

Question 11


One of the functions of art is to pay tribute or to memorialize. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a good example. Imagine that you are serving on a committee to select an artist who will create a memorial to the military personnel who have died in the Iraq war. What might the artwork look like, and who would you select to create it?

Your essay should be original and no less than two paragraphs in length.

I will choose to work with David Choe who is an American figure painter, muralist, graffiti artist and a graphic novelist. His figure paintings, which explore themes of desire, degradation, and exaltation thus he will bring forth perfect work for the memorial. He will work on several painting that will signify brave soldiers who decided to risk their lives and help out in another country for a better world. He will incorporate his painting work with a brief graphic novel in remembrance to the soldiers.

David Choe will also work on a graphic novel on those soldiers and their heroic fight. An accompaniment of his work will be a monument wall with the names of all the soldiers who died from the Iraq war. This will be a permanent reminder and a good send off for the late soldiers. A statue of a soldier will accompany hid work as well to signify the strength of those soldiers who died.

15 points  

Question 12


The mediums used in art such as Carl Andre’s and Robert Morris’ exemplify Minimalists’ preference for:

    industrial materials.

5 points  

Question 13


American Regionalism was strongly influenced by the contemporary European avant‐garde.



5 points  

Question 14


What sort of items did Janue Quick‐to‐See Smith incorporate in her piece Trade (Gifts for Trading Land with White People), 1992, and what are their symbolic significance?

Jaune Smith layered images, paint, and objects on the canvas’ surface, suggesting layers of history and complexity. She divided into three large panels; the triptych (three parts) arrangement is reminiscent of a medieval altarpiece. Smith covered the canvas in a collage that had newspaper articles from her tribal paper Char-Koosta about Native life, photos, comics, tobacco and gum wrappers, fruit carton labels, ads, and pages from comic books, which all featured the stereotypical images of Native Americans. She mixed the collaged text with photos of deer, buffalo, and Native men in historic dress holding pipes with feathers in their hair, and an image of Ken Plenty Horses who is a character from one of Smith’s earlier pieces, the Paper Dolls for a Post Columbian World with Ensembles Contributed by US Government from 1991-92. 

She applied blocks of white, yellow, green, but most especially a red paint over the layer of collaged materials in reference to her Native heritage as well as to blood, warfare, anger, and sacrifice. The emphasis on prominent brushstrokes and the dripping blocks of paint, she cited the Abstract Expressionist movement from the 1940s and 50s with raw brushstrokes signifying deep emotions and social chaos. She painted the outline of an almost life-sized canoe for a final layer. Canoes were used to travel along the waterways of North America by Native Americans as well as non-Native explorers and traders in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century. Though this empty canoe is stuck, unable to move, the canoe suggests the possibility of trade and cultural connections.

10 points  

Question 15


Put these movements in chronological order, starting with the earliest.

Post Modernism

Black Arts Movement


Pop Art

Ashcan School



Abstract Expressionism

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