B-Live Refreshment Company

B-Live Refreshment Company


Bus 599: Strategic Management



Elevator pitch.

You are aware of the need for refreshments when you are away from home and cannot access water? What our company wants to do is solve that problem by providing fresh farm fruit juices to the people, so that they can be able to refresh themselves even when they cannot access fresh water to do so. Currently people prefer carbonated drinks due to their sweet taste and their cheap prices. This present us with a market niche as not all, the people are able to access fresh refreshments. The drinks our company will offer will provide the much needed refreshments in the industry.

We will be able to maximize on production thereby ensuring there is a steady flow into the market. Since our products are all fresh products, it is necessary for continuous replenishment. We also expect the sales to be huge. We will be able to maximize production by using indirect distributors and few direct distributors thereby ensuring we concentrate fully on production. This distribution strategy will reduce the need for excess monitoring of the marketing department thereby allow for the majority of resources to be focused on production. We will also be able to reach a large number of clients through use of indirect distributors.

Currently, as I have already stated there is a market niche which allows for us to add new flavors of drinks into the market. The less number of competitors favors entry into the field. The business will also supporting the climate change campaign since the production methods and the products will be environmentally friendly. The products will also support healthy lifestyle on top of supporting the environment. However we there are some challenges that we currently face such as competitors. The sales also have to be high as the drinks go bad pretty fast. There is also the threat that clients may lose interest in our products after some time and shift to refreshments from other producers.

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