BA 181 Assignment 1

People don’t know what they want, they only want what they know

Marketing as the late Steve Jobs notes in short people is a very complex and noisy world. One should always be keen on the values they are trying to show to the people out there. It has to always be of high reputation and this will enable the company and the brand be well known out there and thus achieving the purpose of marketing. For this reason, marketers have a chance to shape and determine what the consumers want and thus shaping it.

Shaping the consumers wants is achieved since the company that has a trust worthy reputation can introduce a new or relatively new product to market and introduce the consumers to it. They will be able to determine for the consumers thus shaping the market. It is not always each and every company that does this. It is the ones with a higher reputation that can shape the consumer’s wants. As asserted by (Benjamin & McDowall, 2010), Marketers have the responsibility of teaching the people about the products that they are offering. This will create awareness and knowledge among the consumers. The awareness created will thus result in a need thus the consumers will ask for it and finally selling the new product they are offering.

As explained earlier, and as Steve jobs refers it as a noisy field, it doesn’t apply to everyone. It only applies to the competent players and those who are innovative and have a good track record. Rather they also apply to those create products that solves a particular issue and thus satisfying the customer/s wants and needs. Players that are not competent enough might not succeed in this. In conclusion, people don’t know what they want, they only want what they know. It is the responsibility of those in this field to inform the consumers by educating them thus achieving their goal. Marketing will thus have been achieved.


Benjamin, W., & McDowall, J. (2010). Successful startups: An essential guide to business

venture analysis and development. Santa Barbara, Calif.: TBG Publishing.

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