BA 181 week 2 Assignment A Project to Fail

A Project to Fail




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A Project to Fail

All businesses or products in the market are started with the intention of making a profit at the end of it all. Some have different strategies for marketing and many other things that could be involved in taking the business out to the public so that they may receive public reception. Market mix trends and style tend to affect business so much and when a business doesn’t dance to the tune, they stand the chance to lose out on everything and even the investment they had made. Time and trends are very important factors in some business. A classic case of this is blackberry. They have already lost the market share that they once dominated. They lost it to Apple and Google’s Android.

It is by no doubt that blackberry revolutionized the smartphone business. They came with an idea that was mind blowing at its inception. They accurately implemented the idea of email and phone at the same time. They had features that were tailor made to the office and a person who was suited to the life on the go. It was then a must have gadget and this translated to instant blackberry success. They enjoyed this success for a short while improving their offering a little till Apple joined this field in 2007. Apple started offering a better phone that was more advanced feature wise and could offer consumers an even better service than Blackberry (Ryan, 2010).. Apple target the market at large and not only those who were working. They managed to gather public attention and acceptance thus instant success at launch. Apple offered a touch screen and a virtual keyboard and a modern design both hardware and software. Blackberry stuck with the old physical keyboard and never changed to dance to the market needs.

As asserted by (McNish & Silcoff, 2015). The market then badly wanted a player that was in a position to bring them a device that was portable enough, stylish modern even in a position to do the tasks that blackberry devices could do. These tasks were emailing and instant communication by the use instant messaging services, better voice call, email push notifications and many more things like music, better web browsing etc. Blackberry couldn’t just conceive this idea and kept on offering what they have been offering in the past. Not that they were bad of poor, but the market required something better and they were willing to spend any amount to get that done. Most of them went to Apple for this. When Android became a player and started offering cheaper and more versatile alternative, there were more and more converts. This was eating into BlackBerry’s business empire and not so long they were making losses. Losses easily translated to failure. Failure from changing to meet the market needs.

From Blackberry’s success, it is clear that Building a better mousetrap won’t guarantee success. Blackberry was beaten at a game they were once the best at. Despite more better features that blackberry made their selling point like security, this didn’t make people consider it. They had changed and were not willing to convert back since they have already invested a lot in other ecosystems as noted by (Wankel, 2013). In conclusion, A business or a product clearly has to solve consumers need in order to survive the harsh reality of the market. They have to dance to the tune the consumers play in order to make it out there.


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