BA 265 Business Law in the Workplace

Business Law in the Workplace






Business Law in the Workplace

It is quite eminent to note that in this professional world there are competition and interrelation when it comes to growth in the world. Many are the times one would find himself falling in between the other professional realms and in most cases the legal realms. The Skills required for a non-legal person as an employee are the basic qualification e.g. well trained workforce. He should be brilliant, have basic educational skills e.g. mathematics calculation, knowledge in English as well as fluency and writing skills.

These are the basic skills taught in Junior and Senior schools respectively to the level of specialization in college. This also includes literacy skills. Communication skills one is required to be able to communicate effectively with the top-down management, discipline good interaction aspects of discipline one is required to maintain proper timing and remain focused to the achievement of the organizational skills as well as the company goals/profit. This goes hand in hand with dedication to the job specialization in this case business.

Decision making is key in the success of small business .decisions are choices that must be made in time for the sustainability of the business whether small or big. In the event that one is required to make decisions he or she must consider the following things or groups of people the shareholders, customers, employees and the benefiting individuals. This therefore means that decisions can’t just be made abruptly without the requisite consideration. There are two categories of decision making legal and ethical. It is at this point that legal realm interacts with the business world .it is at this point where the legal entity becomes of help. Most employers or organizations tend to investigate or find out the areas that need improvement of skills for organizational success.

The various types of training that are essential to a business person in order to make good decision are as follows: Prevention or avoiding of law suit, audits, and fines to the offences that fall within the business fraternity in this pointer we note that it may include safety training i.e. on the law of torts, contractual obligations under the law of contracts, sale of goods and summarily on the codes of ethics and how one is expected to behave and lastly the punishment to the breach of the said codes i.e. Agency law especially on the agents while operating under employer’s instruction. This is the area of business where most breaches are frequent. Federal law requires that the individuals are compulsorily trained on the safety related topics as well as harassments.

Essentially the most important trainings in most of the businesses in line with the legal fraternity are sexual harassment this can be categorically placed as training under the different forms of discrimination. This is because they happen frequently, secondly, discrimination even to the point of creation of equal employment opportunities there still are discrimination based on gender, race and religion.

The other essential training is that of compliance with the laws and regulations. This includes safety trainings of the employees in line with the Federal standards put place. Other organizations put up trainings to provide not only trainings for the general safety at work but to save money. In this case compensation for injuries is put in consideration when the employers are made to pay dearly .

Yes, I would enjoy liaising with the legal personnel for a business based on the following reasons: having knowledge of law is essential. It guides me to have a clear understanding of the law and hence avoid the offences that would make me pay the fines. Helps to create awareness to the other colleagues in the business world so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness. In several occasions, liaisons aid in developing the individual businesses further and improving communications between and among the business.

Having gained the knowledge that is sufficient enough I then would be able to reduce the expense of having to pay the legal personnel for the legal services. This also goes to explain the reduced offences.In my opinion, I would enjoy liaising with legal personnel because of several reasons, and to begin with, they improve the knowledge and technical know-how among the business people and those involved in the legal aspects of the management. This then makes it easier to counter any legal aspects and any tussles that may arise in the business fraternity.

Next, it enables better development of the business entity. With good information available, the business will then be able to make better strides which ultimately makes them acquire better resources for the business. In several instances, business fraternities that have working legal departments often do way better than those who do not have the legal departments up and running.

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