BA 301 Week 6 Discussion Technology Levels the Business Playing Field

Choose two points from either “Technology Levels the Business Playing Field” or “The Social Impact of Technology” in the W6 Weekly Related Articles.

Explain both points in your own words.  

What experiences or reasons caused you to select and agree or disagree with the two points?

Genetically modified crops are something that has always bothered me. In the article, ‘The Social Impact of Technology’ they discussed several ways these crops impact the environment and society. I personally believe that GMO should be either banned and outlawed or done only in controlled environments. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting harder to protect organic crops from cross pollination.

The other point I want to discuss is internet. I believe this is a major contribution to society and globalization. With globalization, many people fear the loss of culture, religions and morals. I personally think this could be a good or a bad thing. If we can create a collective consciousness and share in values and not let others be left without maybe society can advance and there would be less injustice because the whole world would be watching. On the other hand, it can be a bad thing if we start using it as a tool to divide and manipulate the public by feeding them conflicting information based on their beliefs, bias, culture, economic status, etc. this is what cause divide and this is how society collapses on itself.

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