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Labor relations are an independent body that was created with authority to administer on employment and labor relation matters to unionized workplace. The labor management relations act (LMRA) has played a major role in promoting economic development, social justice, democracy and peace in place of work. This helps workers to operate smoothly when it comes employment related status, settling collective agreements resulting to collective bargaining information which provides and shows reports on activities and wage settlements.

All this by the ministry of labor can be addressed in several ways either online or involving the labor workers directly or indirectly making the government more open, accessible and committed by creating easy access of data and information. Due to upcoming issues at workplace, labor organizations are formed to negotiate with employers on behalf of employees. Repealing of LMRA has been called for by the union advocates NLRA certification and procedures being cumbersome. Such a move may affect formation of unions due to the changes in laws. Unions are very crucial since they benefits advocates for employees in terms of increasing wages and benefits.

In U.S.A, federal policy makers were highly called for and the same time they stayed out of labor management relations except in cases where the president intervened in violent strikes causing disruptions in the economy. There was rise in power of organized labour exempting unions from anti-monopoly rules limiting the use of injunctions during strikes, which unions had pushed for. The evident wartimes created precedents for later federal legislation on labour issues and in the long-term unions were empowered with monopoly privileges violating the voluntary market relations. The pro-union laws that still exist are costly to taxpayers and business money meanwhile violating the civil liberties of workers in monopoly union environments.

The right to work law s allows workers to pay union fees even if there are represented already resulting to workers benefiting from the union bargaining with the company management hence increase in wages, salaries and benefits and they don’t have to pay money to the union to fix and support those efforts. The effect of this is union’s powers end up weakening which will eventually affect workers as well, statistics have shown that right to work laws leads to poor and reduced wages and unlikelihood of workers to receive their benefits like pension and insurance. Where the movement labor unions won’t suffer a huge blow, if members feel satisfied, engaged and having a strong sense of solidarity they can pay any amount to keep the union running.

Unions have failed in keeping their promises when they have high turnovers and not paying their dues this leads to co-workers exiting as well. Right to work laws can be beneficial through face to face contact between members and union’s staffs, going an extra mile of persuading can help though this may look like a chase of people to get dues instead of conducting researches, organizing meetings with the employer or other units and making efforts on building strength in the union.

To recover all this problems legal challenge will work in this case, Under the federal National Labor Relations Act, right to work laws are legal, a lawsuit would be needed to prove that a law violets the constitution of a state or state laws when the laws are legally combated it will create some change which should put into consideration delivery services which should be with just compensation else it won’t work affecting the terms and conditions of employees in a number of ways. If labor laws were repealed it would stand a better chance of success as seen at some states like Indiana which passed a bill in 1957,that lasted only for eight years when democrats regained control of the state legislature and overturned it. It is so hard to regain democratic control over state legislature so it’s not easy for any state to do that it is just on rare occasions. Labor unions may have to take serious steps to withhold its labor with its ultimate power, lack of ability to organize general strikes over the public sector over the bargaining bill or right to work may turn out to be the most powerful tool for change.

Another huge blow is the anticipation of new fights from labor unions which calls for repealing the wage that unionized employers were always underbid by those that pay workers less against the law which requires companies that get the state contract to pay average compensation for the workers in the community. Repealing this will create cheap labour in the industry

Labor advocates must make a choice between statutory bargaining power and worker voice to avoid workers from still going on strikes and flex their economic power in cases of unfavorable court injunctions.

In order to raise the numbers of labor organizations and members entirely, unions must be able to determine and adapt to external forces of the economic pressures and be easier to organize this will make the unions do away with the bargaining powers and get more membership which would eventually provide workers with more voice in all directions to sustain the value worker well-being and the functions that unions serve.

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