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The U.S government consists of set business laws and regulations to safeguard employees’ rights protect environment and ensure accountability of corporations for the amount of power and authority they have on business driven society. The United States is one of the most heavily regulated economies in the world with too many laws. So many laws and regulations may hinder or help American businesses in so many ways depending on the relevance to every employee and consumer.A regulated economy looks out for safety to consumers, promotes the safety and health of the general public and the environment, ensures stability of the economy, creates government bureaucracy that stifles growth, leads to monopolies that can cause consumers to pay more and finally squashes innovation by over-regulating.

Since the enactment of anti- trust laws which was followed by the increase in corporate tax rates that were complex with restrictive regulatory laws governing the conduct of business American business entirely has been an opponent of any tax levy, government laws, regulation and compliance obligation to undermine profitability or impede business operations.

So many publicly traded corporations have violated immigration laws by hiring undocumented workers as well due to mistaking earnings to balance and maintain the market price of their stock limiting price-cutting. The U.S. government has helped in preventing monopolies such as electricity from raising prices more than is required to ensure those reasonable profits. Corporations have broken environmental laws by emitting pollutants and dumping waste into the atmosphere, rivers and lakes. Regulation agency of pollution has complained that the restrictions are costly and compromise profits in businesses. There was a concern that economic regulation protected inefficient companies at the expense of consumers in industries such as airlines and trucking. Also changes created new competitors in some industries e.g. telecommunications that were considered natural monopolies which led to succession of laws easing regulation of American Businesses. Laws that are set for advertising and marketing by Federal Trade protects consumers and helps to promote honesty about their products.

Violation of laws set in the country there exist a lawsuit against it failure to comply truth –in advertising laws which states that advertising in the United States must be truthful and not misleading, must be fair to all.

A free market economy enjoys political and civil freedom, ability to contribute to economic freedom and transparency, involve in competitive markets, consumers concerns and decisions determine what products or services are in demand. Supply and Demand creates competition which ensures that the best goods or services are provided to the consumer at the lowest price.

A competitive environment creates an atmosphere of survival for the fittest, wealth not equally distributed and lack of economic stability is disadvantages of the free market economy.

All this calls for a good balance between a free market and regulated economy which will best serve the interest of the consumers, economy and environment to prevent uncertainties and increase performance, innovations and investments .

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