BA 431 week 4 Discussion Identifying Processes and Requirements

Identifying Processes and Requirements






Identifying Processes and Requirements

Processes are strategically laid down tasks and duties that have to be enacted together in an organization to ensure that an organization achieves its laid down goals and visions to the very best. It allows companies and organizations to transform their existing input to outputs and final material as defined by the specific company. The processes within my organization have in the recent past included development of good customer service, development of new products and rebranding of products.

The main processes and requirements that must be followed in my organization is customer service. At all levels, the employee is expected to maintain good customer service to build a good client relationship. This involves the use of polite language, acknowledging mistakes and apologizing for them when they happen and most of all ensuring that the customer is always satisfied. The other process most often incorporated in the system is the use of production of new products and rebranding of the goods and the merchandise within the company. Rebranding creates a new look to the materials on sale and make them even more appealing to the consumer. Also, most of the time, this comes together with improvement of the products which make them even better for the consumers thus ensuring more clients and even more profits.

Processes are of great value to each organization at large. In my opinion, the processes in use at our organization are of great importance. This is because they improve the performance of the organization. This is because with better products, then the company is bound to improve. Next, they improve the client base and ensure greater profit margins within the organization. Finally, they create a system of internal control measures that have to be followed by the employees, which in the end ensure greater outcomes from the organization.

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