Bad News Letter

Knowledge inc.

2020 University Drive

Birdnest, SC 67979

July 27, 2019

Tim Rice Photography

Tim Rice, Owner.

576 Vista Building.

Cainta, Rizal SC 20500.

Dear Tim,

RE: Marketing campaign

Thank you for your consistent efforts to ensure that the Knowledge inc. is working and delivering its services appropriately. Your contribution to the consulting company cannot go unappreciated more so on the marketing department. We have noticed however that there is a gap in marketing campaign and therefore we need to address the issue as soon as possible.

I believe that you are aware that recently, we have not been receiving new clients and we can barely retain the ones we have. The company needs more vibrant and up to date strategies to ensure that we get more clients. We needed to discuss the potential problems with the marketing campaign and you were the best person to guide us on the same. As much as you say that the strategies you are using do not need change, it does not reflect with output that we see.

Since we have noticed that there are potential problems with the marketing campaign, we believe that you are not able to deliver what the company really needs and you are better skilled at photography but not marketing. And consequently, we will need somebody who is more experienced in the marketing field so that we can see growth in the company.

Again we would like to congratulate you for being part of the team and we look forward to inviting you to work with us in another department.


Nick Elliot


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