Basics of Alcohol Scavenger Hunt

Search the Internet to find the answers to the following questions. When you must provide a photo, make sure that you include the URL of the website where you got the photo from. All questions that start with “find a photo” or “find a map” require you to copy the photo from its source and paste the photo as part of your answer to each question.

When you are done, save your document and submit it via Carmen. Make sure that you upload this activity to the “Unit 1 Activity” folder.


Questions 1 – 10 (4 points each)


1) What is the name of the current administrator of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau? Additionally, what division of the TTB comprises investigators who ensure industry compliance with the laws and regulations administered by the TTB?

2) Find a map of the United States that has all of the alcoholic beverage control states marked. What is the only state in the US that has control of the sale of wine and spirits, but not beer?

  • The name of the current administrator is John J. Manfreda. The trade investigations division (TID) comprises the investigators.

3) Find a photo of a bottle of beer that is prepared by freeze concentration (a.k.a. fractional freezing). What is the ABV of this beer?


4) Find a photo of a beer called “Sink the Bismarck!” by Brewdog. In addition to the photo, what is the price of the beer? The price in GBP is fine

  • The ABV IS 12%

5) What is the name of a First Lady (i.e. wife of a President) that suffered from alcoholism? Where is the alcohol treatment center that she established located (city and state)? The first lady that suffered from alcoholism was Betty Ford. The location of the treatment center is Rancho Mirage, California.

  • Average price is $176.

6) Find a map of the US which shows the rate of binge drinking by state. Which state has the highest level of binge drinking? North Dakota has the highest rate of binge drinking.

7) What is the definition of the term “confabulation”? What alcohol- associated condition is confabulation a symptom of? It is the disruption of the memory and being distorted and having memory loss. Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome.

8) Find a photo of a chemical model of resveratrol. In addition to the photo, what alcoholic beverage is resveratrol most commonly found in?

It is mostly commonly found in red wine.

The Key Chemicals in Red Wine – Colour, Flavour, and Potential Health Benefits

9) Who wrote “The Old Man and the Sea”, and what absinthe-based cocktail is he often credited with creating?

Ernest Hemmingway wrote this book. Papa Doble is what he is often credited for creating.

10) Find a photo of a can of a caffeinated alcoholic beverage. What is the ABV of this beverage, and how much caffeine does it have?

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