Beginning Development of Global Strategies

Beginning Development of Global Strategies

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Beginning Development of Global Strategies

Why should resources be a concern in a global strategy?

In the global arena, availability of resource is the most significant consideration firm has to make. The resources not only give the firm a competitive advantage. The resources are necessary to ensure the firm meets the cost and that it is able to produce products for the entire markets. Serving the global market will require consistency in production to meet the expanded demand and market for the products. Satisfying the global customers will be a daunting task and the firm has to ensure goods are readily available when needed and in the correct quantities and quality (Edward Kasabov, 2012).

What resources may be a concern in the country you selected?

The resources that have to be considered besides the fabrics are very important to smoothen the production process. The first major resource is finances. Global expansion will require funds for marketing, expansion as well as for running the operations.

There is needed a lengthy time horizon for the firm to establish. The project proposed to expand in the global front must allow for a long time for the firm to generate enough incomes. There is also needed a human resource pool for the global an expansion. This ranges from the senior executives in the firm to the factory and other workers. These employees need to only have the motivation to achieve the firm’s visions but also must have the skills and expertise needed. In addition, there must be enough research and development for the firm to remain innovative and creative (Ghoshal, 2014).

Since this is fabric manufacturing business, the availability of the raw materials will be a great determiner. The raw material will be not only be assessed on the quality but also the quality and ease of access. The infrastructural layout of the area of operation will play a key role too. This will include the ease of transporting the raw materials, the finished goods, as well as access by the customers. There will also be a consideration of the support resources such as the banks, related factories and the banking services to facilitate access and security of cash for the firm

How will this affect the decision to move to the country that you selected?

The availability of the above resources, their quantities, as well as the sustainability will inform the decision to move into such a county or not. If the firm does not have the huge financial, muscle needed and the process of acquiring such capital in the target country is rigid, it will be better to refocus on other regions. However, the availability of the Human resources, the skills possessed as well as the cost of such will also determine the speed of operationalizing in such a country (Porter, 2008).

How will this affect your competitive strategy in your global market?

When the firm locate in the area where the labor available is not only cheap but also reliable and skilled, there will be a lower cost of production, quality products will be produced and the firm will gain a competitive advantage over the others. The Human resource will also ensure creativity and innovation which will assist in the creation of unique and better products for the global markets. Having exclusive access to raw materials will give the firm an upper hand in the designing and availing of quality goods in the market. This is because the firm can be able to combine the aspect of innovation with the high employees skills and finances to make very unique, quality and sustainable designs for the markets. In addition, the availability of the other resources will make the firm be efficient and effective in the operations which will make the firm serve all its customers in a better way (Edward Kasabov, 2012).


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