Brooklyn Park Police station Project

Brooklyn Park Police station Project




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Brooklyn Park Police station Project

Brooklyn police stations is well known for the provision of different services to the community of the state which includes response to emergency services, providing investigative services and also call for emergency. The goal of the Brooklyn is to provide safe conditions for the people who live and receive the police services in the city. The project has a responsibility of fingerprinting and property auctions of those properties which cannot be returned to the owner. There is excellence provision of city service whereby information about security is well handled. It has a main office which is at 5400 85th north and can be accessed any time (Savas, 2009).

Brooklyn serves large numbers of people whereby it is committed to build more offices to reach all the citizens. The project also has a goal to build community police station which will have an impact on the operating budget of the agency. The effects included increase on salaries on every community. It also affected the government funding sites which include recreational services. Brooklyn is committed in order to provide advanced social and economic status of the people. The projects priorities are faced with financial problems whereby there is need of huge amount to build more stations. There are also uncooperative members of the project who are drawing the project back (Pate & Shtull, 2004).

In conclusion, there is always need for cooperation in everything done. The government should also fund our projects so that they can meet their goals and objectives. It is also important to seek support from non-governmental agencies which are able to support the project. The project plan should be implemented and evaluated well before the actual plan in order to make realistic goals.


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Savas, E. S. (2009). Simulation and cost-effectiveness analysis of New York’s emergency ambulance service. Management Science, 15(12), B-608.

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